Children's Fashion 2020: Everything is Grown Up

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Children's Fashion 2020: Everything is Grown Up

    Children's fashion is a huge and most important section of the global fashion industry. It is very important for every parent to instill in the child a taste for high-quality and stylish clothes. When developing models, modern designers pay special attention to the combination of convenience, practicality and style. The tradition of dressing girls in pink and boys in blue has long been a thing of the past. Nowadays fashion houses are guided by the principle: "As for adults!" When creating images. Therefore, entering children's stores, you can be surprised by the variety of models and styles that would easily suit an adult.

    Fashionable looks for boys and girls

    For boys, multi-layered images are undoubtedly relevant today. Exactly the same images are very common among adult men. Already at the age of five, stylists offer boys the following combinations of wardrobe items:

    • Corduroy trousers, dress shirt, and sporty blazer;
    • Jeans, plaid shirt, and glam rock style biker jacket;
    • Classic suit - three-piece: shirt, trousers and vest.

    Little beauties can finally make their dreams come true and dress like a mom. Tunics and long shirts complement the comfortable leggings. And also, strict pencil skirts and trendy oversized coats. Various patterns, decorations and appliques are especially popular. For example, blouses are decorated with Victorian collars, fringes and massive rivets on jeans, sweatshirts with bright appliqués. Doll-style dresses are complemented with ethnic motives. The autumn season will dress little ladies in a fitted cashmere coat or a warm trench coat. In addition to this look, designers offer hats of different styles.

    The main trends in children's fashion.

    Military style, and khaki clothes. The military theme is now relevant in the children's fashion industry. Suits, trousers and outerwear meet here. As a rule, this look is complemented by metallic shiny accessories, belts, buttons, and patch pockets. The main colors of this trend are shades of camel, khaki and imitation camouflage. The latest trend is the combination of classic military shades with bright pink, green and yellow accents.

    Prints of different shapes and themes. The dominant theme here is floristry. It is presented not only in a classic form, but also in a variety of southern motives: palm branches and bizarre tropical plants. Geometric patterns with clear, regular lines are no less popular. Most of the fashion houses focus on marine and animal themes. On the glossy pages, you can see young models in clothes with images of fish, octopuses, whales and other underwater inhabitants.

    Pants that turn into shorts. It is a very practical and comfortable wardrobe item for both boys and girls. Such models save a lot of time for training in the sports section, for example. Or, such trousers - transformers will help with changeable weather, when the sun is shining in the morning, and it gets windy in the evening.

    Fabrics with a pronounced texture. Denim suits, corduroy and velor clothing remain unchanged classics. The novelty of the season are looks that combine several things of the same texture, as well as warm knitted items.

    Versatile black. Modern things in this noble color will in no way give the child a gloomy look, on the contrary, the image will be bright and stylish. Vibrant decor and prints add a touch of mood. Designers use the principles of contrast, the most popular is black and yellow.

    White classic. This summer, white things will be at the peak of popularity: jeans, T-shirts, blouses, dresses. Snow-white accessories will harmoniously complete an elegant fresh look. And for little princesses, a ruffle swing dress is a must-have.

    Marine theme. Stylish and comfortable things in white and blue tones will create a unique easy look.

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