Dramatic Statement Sleeve

    Creating a drama in an ensemble is a bit extra talent to have. I am a me-pleaser person which means I love what makes me pop-out in the crowd. Always looking for a bit extra in every particular clothing I own. People always ask about fashion choices and some judge me about them. But in the end, it's fashion they know me for.   

    Overall, these years one thing I have learned is that never settle for simple fashion choices. Even if am looking for a day to day top, sweaters or turtle necks, either I go for very different colours and patterns or I choose the one with a bit extra drama. Of course, fashion-basics are essentials, but then never compromising on the quality of the basics is one rule that I never fail to follow. Be it a simple white Tshirt,( which I have by the way in every length and neck types), Make sure that they are always boujee and exceptional. 

    To read More and shop the look : https://www.confessionofmusings.com/2020/03/dramatic-statement-sleeve.html

    • Silvia C Silvia C :

      Beautiful sleeves indeed! They make for a great fashion statement, especially for a dramatic style personality.

      4 years ago 
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