Except For Tights These 2 Pants Every Woman Must-have

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Except For Tights These 2 Pants Every Woman Must-have

    Most women’ essential trousers are tight pants. In fact, if the body type is not good, wearing tights will only expose the shortcomings. Except for tight pants, you have other better options, not only to help you cover the shortcomings, but also the fashion is not reduced. Next, Let’s take a look at these 3 must-have pants.

    Wide Leg Pants

    The first recommended is the well-known wide-leg pants, known as “savior”. The trousers are wide, which is very good for girls who don’t like tight pants. But in fact, if the match is not good, the shortcomings of the wide butt will still be revealed. If you have legs that are not straight, such as O-legs or XO, then wide-leg pants are very friendly to you.

    Pipe Pants

    The so-called pipe pants are actually as straight as smoke, similar to straight pants, but there is still a difference. This type of trousers thighs are tightly attached, but there is a little gap in the hem of the trousers. This type of pants is formal, with a suit shirt is very good, but with a casual dress is also a good choice.

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