GRWM - From Morning to Evening Look

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GRWM - From Morning to Evening Look

    We have all been in the situations when, we have a bit overslept our alarm clock. Honestly, I'm not the morning person at all. I love sleeping. I'm more of night bird.

    As you may read my blog for a longer time, you already know I always go for "no make-up" look. My quick routine is really quick. In case, you don't need much time to be done I'll show you how I go for business look when I have time to do it.

    I have already dry skin. When I wash my face I'll put coconut oil as a moisturizer for me it also works like a primer. Of course, it won't hold up the makeup is much when I have primer but, I'm of with it in situations like "late morning don't have time for anything". In the mean time I'd prepare water and my coffee. I always make my coffee and carry it with me to work. Please, don't judge I need my coffee in a big cup.

    This time I'll put on my face primer and foundation by Bourjois the new Healthy Mix that has 15 shades which is a lot for this brand and I'm so glade that they have done that. All of their foundations are very light on the skin and I love that about their products, and they work perfect for my sensitive skin. They are my go to brand.

    For me, it's the most important to have done my brows and foundation. I'm good to go like that. But, if you have more time I'd add blush a bit of highlighter and very simple eye shadow look. In my work I to have very light and natural makeup. Go to colors for my eye shadows are, always neutral colors and earthy look. I think that with my blue eyes these go the best and I'm in comfort zone with this look.

    You can also watch my video and see how I apply my makeup. I have decided at the end that I'll gradually add makeup till evening look. I decided to go with neutral look, you can use any color that you want or combination. These are one of my favorite ones. I'll add everything that I have use at the end of the post if you decide to try something you can buy it. In case, you want me to try some specific color combination and make another video like this let me know in the comments below. This is my finished look.

    For details watch the video :D

    Products that I have used:

    Bourjois Healthy Primer:

    https://bit.ly/2HZWLDa /


    Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation:



    BH Cosmetics-Sculp & glow palette


    Eyeshadow palettes

    Eighty-Eight Color Eyeshadow Palette

    Morphe 35 Colour Fall Into Frost Eyeshadow / or here


    Metallic Pink - 14-teiliges Pinselset

    Real Techniques Eye Brush Set

    Real Techniques Expert Face Brush


    Real Techniques 2 Pack Miracle

    4 Miracle Mini Complexion


    Tell me: Are you like videos and post like this? Want some other colors combinations?



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