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The turtleneck has been a symbol of refinement, style and timelessness for quite a while now. And is probably my all-time favorite piece of clothing. Every year, once the cold days start to kick in, the turtleneck comes back to my closet like clockwork and I channel my inner Audrey Hepburn. However, I’ve come to notice that styling a turtleneck can be a little intimidating for those who are not used to it. Here are some of my favorite turtleneck outfits that promise to help the turtleneck newbies while still inspiring the experts!

1. Denim Never Goes Out Of Style

This is basically the fall version of the classic jeans and a white t-shirt. Perfect for a more casual look while still achieving a timeless vibe. Plus, by maintaining this formula as a base, the styling options are truly countless. Get inspiration from the 70s and pair a turtleneck with some flare jeans. Change to mom jeans and channel your inner 90s icon. Add a skirt for a cheeky look, or, go all in, go full denim. The great thing about this versatile mix is that you can easily adapt it to your personal style!

2. The New Black is Still Black

Sometimes clichés are clichés because they are right. You can never go wrong with black is one of those cases. This is my favorite go-to when I have no imagination, no time and no patience to create an outfit but I still want to look good. And, it also works wonders when I don’t know exactly what the dress code is. From a rich mom to a model-off-duty style, the black turtleneck fits the vibe no matter what. Do you want to add a little something? Invest in the accessories and play with different textures. 

3. Academia 

More than a fashion trend, academia is a full aesthetic and the turtleneck fits it perfectly. Perfect for those back-to-school vibes (even if you’ve left school five years ago), the academia style is elegant and timeless. By the way, if you are looking for school-inspired outfits check out one of my latest posts here! To achieve this look, use a layering system. Pair your favorite turtleneck under blazers, jumpers or even sweaters. 

4. (Und)Dress 

This is the perfect way to bring all your favorite summer dresses into the fall and winter weather. And, here is your opportunity to upgrade your layering game even more, especially when it comes to mixing textures. Under or over, the turtleneck adds the warm hug you need to face the cold days in style. 

5. Oversize it at Any Chance

Where are all of my comfort-first ladies? I saved the last one just for you. The best thing about an oversized turtleneck is that you still look put-together while feeling like you are wearing your pajamas. This type of look fits in pretty much all of the above. So, have fun and stay comfy!

Where to Buy

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