Today I have two suits with open back for you. I have repeatedly stressed that because of growth I have a great problem with choosing the perfect suit or body. Usually they are too short or they have the right length, they do not lie well, so I also avoided long overalls. I always admired them only on the lower girls. And this season there are so many that I decided to buy two. Black is more versatile and elegant. It is made of leaking, elastic, slippery and gently shiny material. By wearing a jacket, we can go to an elegant meeting and after downloading it takes a party look. In today's busy times, it's the perfect solution when we have a party in the evening and we do not have the opportunity to go home. Red is definitely for brave women who like to fall in love. It has expanded legs, which are also very fashionable this season, is made of the same material as black and is closer to my heart than black. I invite you to take a look at the photos and the look on insta and fanpage. <3

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