Lady in Blue

    A month has drifted by since I visited LA to see a show in this outfit. Back then, I was a lady in blue, feeling as electric as this metallic shade while I waltzed down the streets of Melrose. Fast forward to today and I'm a lady feeling blue over the state of our world wearing raggedy pajamas and messy hair that I haven't washed in an embarrassing amount of time. Dramatics aside, it does feel strange to edit these photos, now knowing the city streets are probably empty with a sense of unease filling the air. I suppose this is a new and hopefully temporary normal. Although it sucks to not be working, quarantine life has a silver lining. I'm finally starting to create music since lack of time is no longer an excuse to not do so (feel free to check out my first track here). Other ways I've been spending my time include but are not limited to; cooking, cleaning, working out, taking walks while practicing social distancing, reading more articles about coronavirus than what my mental well-being can handle, compulsively washing my hands, watching tv shows from my childhood, and scrolling through yelp reviews of places I use to visit to remind myself there was once a time when people would go out and socialize. But hey, whatever it takes to flatten the curve so we can embrace our old normal way of life again.

    to see more photos of this look: https://lexinfleurs.blogspot.com/2020/03/lady-in-blue.html

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