Layering A White Shirt

    Summers are here finally. And my love for the white shirt just crossed all boundaries. Needless to say that it is a staple item and a must-have. But wearing it just over and over the same way makes it quite boring. Old me would have just gone online and bought different styles of shirt. But now I am becoming more sustainable and learning ways to wear a single item in multiple ways. I feel like fashion isn't something to wear everything on the trend or on the runway or every day something new, but rather being creative with what you have. 

    I feel everyone right now is moving towards that sustainability. Which is great, as we are more aware and more sensitive. Speaking of more sustainable fashion, I decided to to do a style tip blogpost. Today I have styled one white shirt in 5 different ways. Watching my favourite influencers, fashion content creators curate so many looks with a white shirt inspired me too. 

    To read more : https://www.confessionofmusings.com/post/layering-a-white-shirt

    Styling Video (here)

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