Life Has Its Trials

    Cancer season is now upon us. You would think that I'd be feeling in my element since Cancer is my sun sign, but that's not the case. In all honesty, all of the social issues occurring in the U.S. have been weighing me down. It feels unfitting to discuss light-hearted topics like fashion amid all of these tragedies in America, many of which are fueled by racial injustices and abuse of authority. For this reason, I stayed relatively quiet online for the past few weeks. In that time, I've realized how influential current events are to fashion, and that talking about fashion isn't inherently superficial or light-hearted. History shows that it can be quite the opposite with clothing being used as a tool of protest, social rebellion, and expression of freedom. With this in mind, I feel like now is the right time to share this outfit from a couple of months back. I found this dress at work that reminded me of a piece from a designer whose work I admire, Christopher John Rodgers. His spring 2020 collection showcased beautifully crafted garments that were equal parts sophisticated and whimsical. While his whole collection swept me away to an '80s inspired yet refreshingly modern fantasy, this green zebra number stood out as the epitome of this marriage between contemporary and retro. Neon shades, ruching, and animal prints are all prominent style trends of 2020. On the other hand, the other elements of the look like the dress's dolman sleeves, the gloves, the statement earrings, and the taffeta sash fit the bill for a glam evening ensemble in 1985. Now that I look at the photos of my outfit in hindsight, I really should have gone down that retro glam path for the styling of this dress. Well, time to buy some bright green gloves and throw on a giant sash on my hips!

    For more pics: https://lexinfleurs.blogspot.com/2020/06/blog-post.html

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