Little Spacey

    Quarantine time has me feeling a little spacey in my not-so-spacious apartment. Not complaining at all when I say that- I'm actively grateful to live in a sheltered, safe place during this time. I still can't shake the weight of uncertainty this situation brings every day into every facet of life. Using this energy as a motivator to get stuff done that I've been putting off (mainly laundry) would be a wise way to spend a day at home. However, I like to believe there are several ways to be productive outside of organizing my messy closet and all of the other practical, incompleted tasks on my to-do list. Is dressing up as a form of escapism considered to be a practical way to solve problems like unclogging my sink? No, but it helps with my mental state to take on another persona through my outfit choices, so I say it's a productive pass time. Today, I'm not Lexi-in-lockdown. Rather, I'm a ghost of a garden faerie that has found refuge in a tower looming over buildings, cars and other traces of civilization. Since I can no longer visit the garden I once looked after in my previous life, I spend my time protecting my plastic flowers from the outside world. You may call me the queen of quarantine for fleurs: The Queen of Fleurantine.  

    For more pics of this look: https://lexinfleurs.blogspot.com/2020/04/little-spacey.html

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