People always ask me how I manage to curate my wardrobe, my bag, shoe and jewellery collection so curated and minimal. To me, it comes naturally as minimalism runs in my bones and it makes me feel good, so that's my motivation. I never had to try hard for it, I just followed my instinct. It works differently for each one of us so I suggest you seek your own motivation, see what drives you and what you want to achieve. Here are a few pointers that may help you get started!


    Basically you just start by giving away things you don’t wear, you only keep the ones that you actually use and you make mindful purchases. For every new thing you buy, you give one away from your existing collection. One in – one out. Figure out what looks good on you. Snake chains, pearls and band rings look good on most people.

     Take your lifestyle into consideration. For example, I love to wear guitar picks on my neck, these have sentimental value to me, as most of my friends are musicians and wearing those picks is a way of having them with me always. Another tip is to keep your jewellery on display, it helps you see what you have and wear them every day. 

    I hope this inspired you to start decluttering and start building a collection that you truly love and use.

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