Multicolorful Ecuadorean Belt

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Multicolorful Ecuadorean Belt

    I remember when I started my blog someone interview me with the question of why I love colors so much and they ask me is it because you are from Ecuador, but at that time I felt like the days in Amsterdam were grey and groomy and it gets so dark quickly in the winter that I wore color to make me feel happy and not depress about the weather wearing a colorful outfit always made me smile.

    But just after been in Ecuador a year ago and travelling all over I realize Ecuadorean people love color and the more the better, but for me been born there and raise in Amsterdam my way of been is a mix of both of the cultures ;D.

    A few weeks back I met blogger babe Charissa from www.ladygoldapple.com I always find it interesting to meet new people with the same passion for fashion, I wasn’t sure to shoot that day as it was rainy but lucky it stop and we could shoot and love the result of this photography what do you think about it?



    Photography by Charissa Goldapple www.ladygoldapple.com

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