My New Favorite Brand

Product details: White Iris

My New Favorite Brand

    During winter and rainy cold days in general, our mood is usually on its lowest. On such days I usually dream about summer and treat myself with something nice. This time I made myself a real present, not even a treat. I've ordered an amazing pajama-style suit from a new brand, which I found out about recently. It is an European brand called White Iris, which has launched its first capsule collection only few months ago.

    What I like about them the most - is uniqueness. All the pieces are available in one copy only, maximum two. So, you understand, that the probability to meet a girl in the same clothes is extremeeeely low. What also defines them is the quality of material - they only use the Italian fabric and natural gems.

    Now I'm impatiently waiting for my suit to come! I hope it will come till South African summer begins :) And I will definitely capture my looks for you!

    If you want to have a look on other styles go to Instagram.com/white.iris.clothing

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