Out and about in Utrecht city

Product details: Finery London

Out and about in Utrecht city

    Cardigans are a must in my wardrobe specially with 16/17 degrees celsius I wear them as a jacket but they look different then just wearing a wool coat right?

    I’m complimenting my neutral basic look with this gorgeous silk scarf by Arttique London were you can get 10% off when check out using code “virgit”.

    I have been looking for a different kind of white blouse, love the details of this one from Finery London I have to say this one is one of a kind.

    After reading so many Spanish magazines, and seen a lot of celebrities wearing avarcas menorquinas shoes, and boy how comfortable!!! are these shoes I can wear them all day long they are made of real leather and rubber sole and they are only for €29.75 not expensive at all for real leather I would say.



    Photography by Wendy www.wendyvansoest.com

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