Red jacket

    Much lately in my red stylizations, somehow I am drawn to it and I am not going to change my preferences. In today's post another elegant styling with a red "accent". I love artificial leather trousers especially in winter, when they not only look good but also heat up. I found out for these and I paid for only 30 PLN for them. I did not know how to connect them until today. Stylization is maintained in a climate that I like very much and I hope that you still do not get bored with red, because it is planning another post this time in tonal-ton style. ;) 
    I hope that with the spring and warm rays of the sun a better time will come and all obscure things will become clear. Life is a sinusoid. Once it is good once wrong, a continuous swing. Once we are high and breathe deeply, feeling the pleasant wind in your hair. Later, for the equilibrium, gravity brings us brutally to the ground. Momentary drops down are normal, everyone is touching only the most important is how we deal with them. Are we able to swallow a failure, draw conclusions, rise and go on. Not getting trodden, keep going, pursue plans / dreams, no matter what. I must admit that I had this moment of hesitation. What now? In which direction to go? Forgive? Another time to let go? No, the end of forgiveness, procrastination, translation, translation. It has to be today, now and now. Life is too short to let go on matters important to us, it is too short to surround ourselves with inappropriate people, it is too short to put off dreams, plans into a box with the inscription "I will do it in some time, when I am ready". You'll never be 100% ready, life consists of risky decisions in which you never have a 100% guarantee of success. Later you can only regret it, but is there any sense in regretting your decisions? Each even the worst gives us new experiences, reflections, we become smarter about what we have experienced and this wisdom is more important than the readings of golden thoughts in books or, worse, in the guides. I invite you to view photos and follow me on social media. <3


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