As I celebrate my 25th birthday the day before it occurs, I come to terms with this part of my brain that's constantly evaluating my life choices. I'm a quarter of a decade old (that makes me feel ancient) and trying to assess my reality more objectively. There are strengths I'm willing to pat myself on the back for like having a decent amount of self-awareness and emotional independence. Then there are my not-so-stellar traits like my terrible time management, hence why I'm 3 weeks late on posting this. Flaws and all, I'm starting to take getting my life in order seriously. I've even got my 80's power suit inspired outfit to prove that I mean business. However, I'm still in my 20's so I'm going to be a little bit of a hot mess who isn't going to button their shirt properly and thinks a faux leather bra top has a place in professional attire. This look equally embodies mature determination and youthful recklessness. It's the outfit equivalent of forcing yourself to take on the world as an adult when you still feel like an angsty teenager listening to Cocteau Twins in the backseat of your mom's car while driving down the same streets of LA that you walk on 10 years later.

    For more photos: https://lexinfleurs.blogspot.com/2020/08/review.html


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