This season it is not hard to see that the trellis and stripes are a desirable pattern on fabrics, I personally prefer a crop on coats or shorts and stripes on the rest. The belts have to themselves, that they slim down in the case of trousers, they lengthen and soften the legs, the grille may not fit perfectly only with very slim people, because you can do such a pattern with ordinary harm. Today, you will be presented with an elegant suit suitable for various occasions, for a date, an evening meeting or over coffee. It is made of thicker, slightly shiny, slippery material, fastened with buttons and tied at the waist with a belt. Thanks to the binding of the strap emphasizes the waist and our proportions. Short jumpsuits on me often look too scanty, which is due to my height. It's hard for me to find one with the right length and width to make everything look nice. So just this suit probably better and less "vulgar" will be presented on the lower girls. I think it would look good with tights, but styling with them in this period is very much so I bet on "bare" legs. I invite you to look at the pictures and I wish you a successful weekend <3


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