Silent Disco

    When the bars and clubs close for an indefinite period, where does one go dancing? The living room and kitchen are both viable options. However, having a silent disco in the middle of a field is much more enjoyable. Sometimes you just need some fresh air and wildflowers and weeds brushing against your skin as you dance by yourself in the meadow like a weirdo. I'm taking any opportunity to wear cute clothes these days. In this case, that means getting dolled up for mother nature. Plus, sequins sparkle the best in the sunshine. Fun fact about this sequin dress: A while back, I chopped it shorter and recently used the remaining bit to make a mask (that also doubles as a choker!). Deep down, I think I knew all those scraps of fabric I've been hoarding from pieces I've impulsively cut would come in handy. Matching masks for all the t-shirts I've cropped; here I come.


    o see more photos: https://lexinfleurs.blogspot.com/2020/05/silent-disco.html

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      I love the idea of a silent disco in a meadow! 

      3 years ago 
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