Simone Rocha & H&M: an Exclusive & Unique Collaboration - Feminine Silhouettes, Pearls, Tulle, and Lace

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Simone Rocha & H&M: an Exclusive & Unique Collaboration - Feminine Silhouettes, Pearls, Tulle, and Lace

    After successful collaborations of H&M with Maison Margiela, Commes des Garcons, Kenzo, Versace, Lanvin, and others, this mass-marketing fashion company announces a collaboration with wonderful Simone Rocha. This collaboration left a lot of buzz on the internet, the world is waiting for the 11th of March to make the collection "sold out" instantly. We set our timers too. 

    Simone Rocha, who founded the brand "Simone Rocha" is an Irish international fashion designer. She creates wonderful pieces, working a lot with pearls, lace, silk, puffy-silhouettes, feminine shapes & materials. Her collections are always romantic, feminine, and delicate. We always fall in love with them instantly.

    "Simone Rocha emerged from the prestigious Central Saint Martins M.A. program having been mentored by the late, highly influential Louise Wilson. Beginning with her much-lauded debut collection, the Dublin-born designer’s vision seemed almost fully formed. Typified by a heady mix of femininity that tows the line between the coquettish and the melancholy, Rocha’s designs exhibit a captivating, eerie romance. From lushly embellished homages to Elizabeth I to vaporous petal-pink dresses overlaid with bondage-y macramé harnesses to head-to-toe red wallpaper florals that recall a bit of Diana Vreeland’s “garden from hell,” the singular and otherworldly appeal of her clothes has captivated industry types from the word go." - a pretty wonderful description of Simone by Vogue.

    Simone x H&M

    "When H&M came to talk, I said, if I’m going to do it, I want to do it for everybody, not only women, but for men and children—and to make sure they get the quality.” - Simone said. Previously she has never created men & kids collections, this is a debut for her. Furthermore, it is going to be her first time creating a makeup line. The collaboration will include a blush jar, which can be applied to cheeks, as well as lips.


    As Simone mentioned herself, H&M is a much larger company than Simone Rocha, and sustainability could easily become an issue. In order to lower the impact, Simone & H&M are using mostly organic cotton, recycled polyester, and new compostable yarn. Their goal is to make the consumers to 'want to wear it forever' - as much as it's possible, we assume. ;)


    Working on the collaboration, Simone took inspiration from her archive collections, using a lot of embroidery, bows, pearls. She’s certainly held nothing back in lavishing on all the Rocha hallmarks—the broderie anglaise, tartan seersucker, tinselly tweed, puffy cloques, plump bows, pearl embroidery—right through to the hairbands and dangly red flower-shaped plastic earrings which are her best-sellers. Everything is insanely beautiful and trending. The 'Bridgerton' fans will definitely appreciate the collection.

    As H&M mentioned themselves, Simone Rocha has been on their collaboration wishlist for a while now. The design & creation process took longer than expected, but already on March 11, the collection will be available online and offline (hello, covid?). The idea is to make Simone's exclusive pieces available to the masses. The price range is unknown yet, but hopefully, there will be more details soon.


    Myself, I am definitely not a fan of H&M and do not remember the last piece I purchased there. I remember, once, I woke up at 6 am to stay in line for H&M & Kenzo's collaboration. This was the only time I did anything like that. Nevermind all the awesome designers H&M has worked with, their quality and approach to their employees are disastrous. This makes me think 10 times before purchasing anything from that store as I do not want to support such values and the overall mass-market industry.

    The collaboration of H&M & Simone Rocha is beautiful, unexpectedly for me. I like the silk, puffs, tulle, and pearls. Very feminine & delicate. Yet, still, I do not believe I would go for it purely because of ethical reasons.

    I hope you liked this small review of the announcement of the collaboration of Simone Rocha & H&M. The whole world is talking about this collab and it would be a shame to not discuss this collaboration here. What are your thoughts? How do you like this collaboration?

    Share your thoughts & opinions with me in the comments.

    Love & hugs,


    • Kashish P Kashish P :

      I love the collaboration but I always refrain from buying H&M for ethical reasons, I'd rather buy the designers' pieces from a thrift store than of H&M.

      3 years ago 
    • Rosalia T Rosalia T :

      I'm excited to a see a potential sustainability report and more details about this once the line launches! I have heard many things about H&M's new sustainability efforts, but don' t expect to see crazy changes soon because they're such a big company.  However because they're such a big company, a small change most likely reduces their carbon footprint by a lot. 

      3 years ago 
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