Styling Black Shorts
      Styling Black Shorts

      Our love for one piece of clothing in summers can not be expressed with words. Shorts. denim shorts, high waisted shorts, biker, military and whatnot. Though the obvious choice for everyone is denim always. I want to motivate you to add black shorts in your wardrobe this year. The reason why I am falling for them again this season is because of those Pinterest and Instagram pictures of influencer all around the world. The symmetry, the styling and how the black shorts are so versatile and can be paired up with million options.

      Nothing can go wrong with shorts. We do have a love-hate kind of relationships while trying to find the right fit. But when you do, aren't they the best. I personally love wearing bright colours in summers. You show me neon, I will wear it. 

      To read more head to the blog, Please : https://www.confessionofmusings.com/post/styling-black-shorts

      • Julia M Julia M :

        Love your pics, Srishti! Where did you get these beautiful shorts?  

        3 years ago 
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