Summer Soirees

    Garden Parties, summer events, festivals, themed parties, galas or grandiose concerts, whatever is on your summer social calendar make space in your wardrobe for  the perfect dress to steal the show.

    The Garden Party

    When the occasion asks for something a bit more formal than a simple sun dress go for rich textures in soft blush pastel shades to make an impact.


      Dress ID:OKRN2214                                 Dress ID:YVJZ6389                            Dress ID: LYAK8604

    The corporate event

    A corporate event held at a nice restaurant calls for an elegant attire that won’t run the risk of looking overly informal. Pay attention to the details and finish of the look with minimal accessories and sophisticated heels.


                                 Dress ID:KDHD0385                                     Dress ID: OWJT9606                                    Dress ID:QGMR7469


    The glam Cocktail party

    This is your time to shine. Don’t feel limited to only black options, and experiment with fabulous fabrics to stand out in the crowd. Strategically placed embellishments will add an extra touch of glam along with a pair of statement heels and accessories.


                   Dress ID:XRRC4359                                                     Dress ID:ETAL3575                                     Dress ID: NTQJ4286

    The Gala

    There is a time and place for everything. An upscale gala is the perfect opportunity to rock your supremely fancy frocks. Timeless, ladylike, nothing looks more effortlessly pulled together than a floor sweeping maxi dress


                                                               Dress ID:KMDV4803                                                Dress ID: PNMA2952                                              Dress ID:SLOQ1412

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    Enjoy your sartorial summer

    I’ll see you at the party,


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