Trainers for the first time after a long time

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Trainers for the first time after a long time

    I always use to say NEVER to things that I will never wear, in this case it goes about trainers one day I realize that I didn’t had any comfy shoes in my wardrobe only high heels and here and there ballerinas but no really TRAINERS.

    Nowadays trainers are not as boring as you think they are comfy and stylish and you don’t have to suffer in them even though I love my heels and I feel very confident wearing them.

    Growing up in Amsterdam were everyone wear trainers never felt comfortable because I love my heels but I could hardly walk in those stoned streets, been in the UK is a different story the grounds a flat and you can easily walk in, but now is time for a change and wear trainer for ones.



    Photography taken at the Preston park museum

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