Up the sleeve - Statement Sleeve Trend

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Up the sleeve - Statement Sleeve Trend

    In a fashion era of the oversized, I am smitten with the statement sleeves like a child with candy! I swear I’m not to blame, it’s all the extemely long, ballooned, bell and asymmetric sleeves they’ve been bombarding us with lately!

    I am a girl who appreciates a bit of drama in my clothing and it was only natural I was in love with the sleeves of this shirt from H&M! You know everyday basics are my jam, so it comes as no surprise I chose to pair it with my cropped cigarette trousers. Romanticizing simplicity? You bet I am!

    If there’s one thing you need to have nowadays in your wardrobe, that’s the statement sleeved top! So don’t be afraid to experiment this trend and find your perfect sleeve! 

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