Corsets | Where to Buy Them and and How to Style Them | Get the Bridgerton Look

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Corsets | Where to Buy Them and and How to Style Them | Get the Bridgerton Look

    Corsets are not a new item in the fashion scene. Since the 1600s women have used corsets as shapewear and to improve posture. Corsets were basically the Spanx and waist trainers of today in their time. But since 2019, we have seen a heavy resurgence of corsets primarily in high-fashion and among celebrities. If you want to learn about more specific details regarding this corset trend and the evolution of corsets over time definitely check out this piece by Teen Vogue. The success of the Netflix series Bridgerton in 2021 has made corsets even more popular than before. Now you can find beautiful yet affordable corsets at your nearest mall. 

    FOR THE BRIDGERTON LOOK: My favorites pieces have to be from Miaou, Sororité, and Vestaire Collective. Corsets from these sites range upwards of $150


    The silhouette, the ruching, the print, and the color palette of this corset from Miaou are everything. If you don’t vibe with the renaissance-esque style, this corset also comes in a number of colors and prints. 

    Buy it now for $255


    Similar to Miaou, Sororité has a vintage aesthetic. In fact, all the pieces are upcycled lingerie pieces. I can’t provide a direct link to a specific style because of the way this shop releases a limited quantity of one-of-a-kin pieces on specific dates. Instead, check out their Instagram page for information with new drops and corset styles here. 

    AFFORDABLE SORORITÉ ALTERNATIVE: The Victoria’s Secret Tik Tok Top. 

    If you love lace and pretty pastel florals like some of the styles featured on Sororité you need to check out Victoria’s Secret. They recently had several styles go viral on Tik Tok. Some of Tik Tok famous styles are no longer in stock but keep checking the site and you might be able to snag a Sororité like top for a fraction of the price


    Vestaire Collective is a great place to look for vintage designer corsets, so a lot of them are on the pricier side. On Thredup you can find corsets too, and at a greater range of prices. 



    This is another piece from Miaou. I have to admit that two years ago I never would have considered purchasing this item, but now this piece combines three of the greatest and most popular trends of the past 5 months. Its leather, brown, and a corset top.  Also, this vegan leather corset comes in three other colorways 

    Buy it now for $295.00 


    For a top as simple as this one I do not want to have to pay more than $100. I love this top because you can tuck it in to create a seamless, bodysuit-like, look or show off the V-shaped front to create the illusion of a smaller waist. This top is definitely one of the most affordable I have featured in today's post, but I know that it is of good quality. Also, there are always plenty of influencer discount codes available for the site so products are even more affordable. 

    But it now for $41 


    If you like simple classic pieces similar to the Princess Polly Top, but want slight flair the next two corset-like tops from Orseund Iris are perfect. I like this top because it combines the best aspects of the 2020 chunky knit trend and corsets. The site describes the product as a bustier, but I still included the top in this list because it has the same structure and silhouette-shaping but it is more comfortable. This top comes in black, white, and tan. 

    Buy it now for $195.00


    This is my dream corset-top but it retails for more than $600 dollars. Sometimes you can find the same top for less from resellers. The reason I love this top so much is that it is not as fitted, so I would feel more comfortable wearing it to a greater variety of events and different times of the day. The velvet ribbon strap details add a fun customization aspect because you can also wear the straps off the shoulder. In the next weeks, I will stay on the hunt for an affordable alternative. If you know one please share it in the comments. 

    If this top is in your budget buy it now for $685


    In the summer, its easy to just pair any corset with a nice pair of denim or a skirt. For extra flare, pair a slightly textured corset with printed pants. 

    In the winter corsets are simply a layering piece, so also I included outfits featuring girls wearing a statement coat with a fitted top, which could easily be replaced for a corset. On really cold days, I like the way a turtleneck looks under a corset more than a button down shirt.

    Let me know how you would style a corset in the comments!! 

    Thanks for tuning in :)

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