Wilde roses grow

    I've already missed Miss Spring, hence the idea for today's stylization. Flowers have been reigning for some time in showrooms as it will be this year? We'll see. The dress is made of chiffon, has interesting sleeves for people who are ashamed of their arms or hands, beautiful v-neckline, is airy ideal for the spring period but I think that it will also work in the summer for typical festival stylizations. The whole stylization would be too dark because I decided to lighten it with a cornflower accent on the ear in the role of earrings and a cornflower purse. I really like to combine red with a palette of shades of blue, because they beautifully romance with each other and stylization is not trivial and not noticeable. The dress also has a belt of the same material, thanks to which we emphasize the waist and think that it is a very good solution, if there was no belt, then the dress would become baggy and nothing. Personally, I think that any other leather belt in shades of red, corn, brown and black would be nice to just stimulate your imagination. I invite you to look at the pictures and the products are linked under them. :)


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