Bioderma Moisturizer Review - Sébium Mat Control

Product details: Bioderma Sebium Mat Control

Bioderma Moisturizer Review - Sébium Mat Control

    How I Met This Moisturizer?

    I started watching How I Met Your Mother again, can’t you tell? So today I will be talking about Bioderma’s Sébium Mat Control moisturizer for oily and combination skin.

    Getting Started / What Should I Use?I have an oily to combination skin. My T-zone can get really oily like a greasy pan if I use a regular moisturizer. That’s why I try to be careful with my skincare choices, especially for face cleansers and moisturizers. I generally pay a lot of attention to people’s comments before buying skincare products. First, I’ll ask for my friends’ opinions on what they use, then I’ll check the comments on the Internet.

    That’s how I got to know about Bioderma – Sébium Mat Control, via my friend. I knew that she also had combination skin and was trying to find the right skincare product. During our talk, she said she was quite satisfied with it in terms of mattifying and moisturizing. That morning, I decided to test hers and applied her moisturizer on my clean face. Surprisingly, my T-zone did not get oily during the day. The moisturizer passed the first test. That’s why I love testers and trial size products. It’s good to try and see the effects of the product before you purchase it. 

    Is It Magic or Just the Right Ingredients?

    Skin has special glands that produce sebum, an oily substance. Some people have excessive sebum production causes skin to look shiny. If your face produces sebum like mine, then you know what I’m talking about. Our whole life, okay maybe not whole life, but our whole skincare routine is based on oil-prevention and control.


    Well, this cream does not magically prevent a shiny face. There are some ingredients that keep oily skin under control, such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid. Bioderma – Sébium Mat Control contains both these key ingredients.

    Salicylic acid penetrates deep into the pores as it can be dissolved in oil. It unblocks pores by cleaning blackheads and getting rid of accumulated oil.

    Glycolic acid removes dead cells and exposes the fresh skin texture underneath.

    Beneficial Oils?

    Bioderma – Sébium Mat Control also contains castor oil, which removes dead cells. This oil is effective in fighting acne and acne scars. It reduces wrinkles and is a good moisturizer. Additionally, it’s paraben-free. This could be a good thing because there is controversy over the cancer-causing effects of paraben. 


    I do not like the use of heavy perfumes in skincare products. It triggers skin irritation and smells very strong. In this product, perfume is at the end of the ingredient list. This means the cream contains a small amount of perfume. You can also smell it when you apply the moisturizer, but it isn’t annoying. It’s a mild and clean fragrance.


    It contains silica, a compound, which gives a smooth look and makes your skin feel soft. The product says it can be used as a primer under makeup as it contains mattifying powders and reduces the appearance of pores. Even though I didn’t use it as a makeup primer, the primers I use contain silica too.


    My Experience with Bioderma – Sébium Mat Control

    Where I came from, people say that oily skin is good luck, because oil slows the appearance of the wrinkles. Noooo, I don’t want s shiny look. People with oily skin will understand me. We do not apply a large amount of cream, as there is already excessive sebum production in our face. A little bit of cream is enough. I generally apply a pea-sized amount of Sébium Mat Control every morning and apply it on a dry face after I use my cleanser.

    Even though my T-zone is oily, my cheeks are dry. To solve this, I use a more intense cream at night and a light, water-based, cream after cleansing in the morning. 

    My Verdict


    People with oily skin can’t use regular moisturizers, especially oil-based ones. I feel like Bioderma- Sébium Mat Control is water-based and gives my skin a fresh, smooth feeling.

    It promises 8-hour shine control and keeps its word. Plus, it can be used as a makeup base. 

    My favorite feature is that it equalizes the skin tone. On the package, there is no such promise about skin tone, but I can see it on my face. 

    It comes in a 30ml tube with a twist-off lid so it’s easy to apply.

    It has a lightweight formula with a matt finish, which is good for oily skin.  


    I am not completely satisfied with Sébium Mat Control because of the price. Without a discount, it’s around $20-25 in the USA and 15-18 in Europewhich is expensive for a 30ml cream. I believe with this price it should be around 50ml. 

    Yes, for my T-zone it’s moisturizing, but my cheeks are drier and it doesn’t moisturize the drier parts sufficiently. I would need to use another moisturizer for my cheeks to keep my whole face moisturized. So, if you have combination skin like mine, this cream may not be the best option for you. I am still looking for alternatives so if you have any suggestion, please comment below.


    Where to Buy?

    I ordered my Sébium Mat Control online. In Turkey, you can find Bioderma products only in pharmacies or online and I think it’s the same for many countries. 

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