Cool Things to do in Berlin | Unusual & Must-Visit Places | My 7 Top Attractions


Here is the perfect travel guide to Berlin - a blend of quirky and unusual places with Berlin’s definitely must-visit locations.

After spending more than two weeks in this amazing city, I fell completely head over heels for Berlin. As the perfect mix between alternative and cosmopolitan, Berlin is the ideal place to get lost in amazing museums, eccentric little neighborhoods and an endless list of incredible restaurants. 


I was lucky enough to stay in this beautiful neighborhood for my whole trip. Although some consider it a bit boring and contrasting to the city’s authentic character, I found it absolutely charming. On one side, it gave me the quiet I needed to rest and work while I was there. At the same time, it had a great selection of attractions and food! When in Charlottenburg pay a visit to:

- Charlottenburg Palace has the most stunning park around it. You can use the beautiful scenario for some workout motivation or to just sit and relax on the grass. 

- Chonthong Thai Restaurant was a direct recommendation from an ex-pat from Bangkok and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. It has the best shrimp Pad Thai I have ever eaten and a great quantity-price ratio. 



Riding a bike through Tiergarten was probably one of the most fun moments of my life. I felt truly like the main character. After your walk or bike ride, stop at the Café am Neuen See and reward yourself with a well-deserved beer.


Schöneberg is an eclectic and lively neighbourhood with a bursting nightlife. However, in my personal experience, the star of the district is the Zsa Zsa Burguer restaurant. This place is on my top five of the best burgers I have ever eaten, and believe, it has been a few. With unique combinations of ingredients, gigantic portions and nice staff – this place keeps me up at night sometimes. 


If you want to make me happy, take me to a Flea Market. Therefore, I went not once but twice to the Mauerpark Flea Market with no regrets. Apart from the second-hand treasures, you’ll also find some small local brands, amazing street artists and really good food truck options. 



Potsdam may not be on your list if you are only going for three days or less, but if you have the time, this is for sure a must-visit location. This charming city, very close to central Berlin, is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in.

Although the Neues Palais is grand and impressive, there is something magical about the Sanssouci Palace. It was also an amazing experience to wander through the massive gardens and discover fairy-like palaces out of nowhere. So, take some very comfortable shoes, a cute outfit for pictures and invest in the all-access pass!



I was very excited about Berlin’s vintage and second-hand market and Kreuzberg was the place to go to satisfy my fashion cravings. Once in the neighborhood, just open your Google Maps and you’ll find a billion options to shop in a more sustainable way.       
I also have a food recommendation, of course. The Brammibal's Donuts not only taste amazing but are also vegan and a must-visit location in this neighborhood.



Mitte literally translates to the middle. This neighborhood is in the geographical middle of Berlin and also the center of its cultural life. The list of top things to do in Mitte is never-ending. From the Alexanderplatz to the Reichstag and the Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe – almost all of Berlin’s famous landmarks are in this district.

Mitte is also the home to one of my favorite places in the city: the Museum Island. Just like in Potsdam, get ready for some walking and invest in the all-access pass. Start the day early and get lost in history and art.

My visit to Berlin matched with my birthday and, as you can probably already tell, food is a central-stage topic in my life. Like so, I wanted to go out for a really nice dinner on my day. I selected the Mani by Amano restaurant, in this central part of the city. Let’s just say I developed a strong love affair with their Hummus Platter and Beef Tartar.



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