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    Disney is such a magical place! There’s so much to do and see during your visit to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. These are a few essential items that should be on everyone’s packing guide; a brief Disney World Packing list for your next getaway! If you want to read more about what there is to do in Disney, check out my Disney Adventures post for more ideas and tips! I'll also share some affiliate links so you can get your hands on some cute items.


    If you’re flying in or driving down, you’ll need your wallet with your Photo ID. Pack plenty of cash or a credit card to splurge on all the goodies and gift items you can buy while at Disney World. I can’t forget the food! Go on an empty stomach so you can buy some yummy treats while there.


    Of course, don’t forget your tickets! If you’re a Disney Annual Passholder or just go to Disney pretty often, then you can opt for a MagicBand. You're able to use your band to access the parks. Disney also has a great phone application where you can link your tickets to your account and share plans with friends. You can also add on dinner plans or Fast Passes so everyone’s ready for the Disney adventure. 

    Comfortable Shoes

    This is so important! Many folks dress up in costumes or glam up for their trip to Disney World, but my advice would be to dress comfortable! Use those comfy sneakers for this trip since you’ll be walking and standing for long periods of time. Also, Florida is typically hot and humid so dress accordingly. Shorts and a nice T-shirt will do! If you want the comfortable but fun look, then try matching Disney shirts for the whole family. You can find some great ideas on Etsy

    Bring your Disney Ears

    Wear your Minnie or Mickey ears and hats to get into the Disney spirit! You can order a few designer ears online or buy them at the park. So many different options for everyone.

    Backpack/Fanny pack

    You can bring all sorts of bags to Disney, but my recommendation would be a backpack or fanny pack, depending on how many things you need to bring to the park (items just for you or for you and the kids). Backpacks are easy to carry around and fit all the items you need, like extra shirts/just in case clothing, napkins, hand-sanitizer, and personal care products. You may still have room to spare for gifts you purchase at the parks! If you want to pack light, you can bring a fanny pack, it's easy to take around with a few essentials and it can also be used as a fashion statement to enhance your attire. I also love the neon/shiny rave fanny packs, they're comfortable and fun!

    Water bottle

    Bring plenty of water, and if you forget your water bottle, then be sure to buy some at the park! Staying hydrated at the parks is crucial. It’s hot for the majority of the year in Florida, so drink plenty of water to enjoy your time in the heat, especially during the summer months! 

    Rain jacket/Poncho/Umbrella

    Pack a raincoat or poncho just in case a rain shower passes overhead during your trip. Some folks even bring an umbrella which is also useful on hot summer days to stay out of the sun. 

    Sunscreen and Sunglasses

    Don’t forget the sunscreen! Be sure to bring that along since you’ll be standing in the sun the majority of the day and spending hours outside exploring the parks. Sunglasses are also essential; keep those eyes away from the bright Florida sunshine. I found the cutest little heart shaped sunglasses on Amazon, it will add some color to your look!


    I use my Sony A5100 camera for trips like these; small but mighty. If you prefer using your phone camera, that works just as well! But don’t forget to document those memories of you and your family during your magical visit to Disney World. There are so many things to see and so many adorable photo spots in each park!


    Optional but some snacks don’t hurt. If you need a pick me up during your wait in lines or don’t want to spend as much money on food in the parks, then be sure to pack some snacks for you and the kids to munch on during your time there. 


    Most important thing, be patient! The parks can get pretty crowded during specific times of the year (especially during the summertime or special holiday events). Don't stress, the kind folks that work in the Disney parks are always happy to help or answer your questions. 

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