Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hotel Review Collingwood, Ontario - September 2020

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hotel Review Collingwood, Ontario - September 2020

    Collingwood, Ontario

    I stayed here with my daughter for a mini getaway Friday, September 25th - Sunday, September 27th, 2020, and had a pleasant stay!

    This hotel was brand spanking new and it totally showed it. Prior to choosing this hotel through my number one go-to booking site; Booking dot com, I searched for reviews as we all do to get the feel of the place, but there wasn't any. Hmm, that was kinda weird I thought.

    I took a chance anyway as the price was pretty okay and reserved for the weekend.

    Upon arrival just outside parking my car, we were not disappointed. Outside of the hotel were construction workers completing last-minute touches here and there and people maintaining the parking lot giving it a final wash. Who cares, it was beautiful and new!

    Entering the lobby, the main entrance to check in was bright and the staff was very welcoming. We were divided by Plexiglas and all staff was wearing masks.

    We asked how new they were and they replied day 2! How exciting was that!

    The decor was bright and plenty of seats spread out. There are a couple of personal computers set up and a printer for guests' use, which was a great touch.

    Breakfast is complimentary and is served between 6:30-9:30 am when we were there. It was grab and go only. They served it in brown paper bags.

    We sat outside on the patio because the weather was so beautiful. 

    The layout was open concept and was fantastic and gave off a vibrant feel. The colors made me feel alive and the furniture selection was modern and comfy and made you want to take a breather and sit down and relax.

    We did not use the Gym.

    The pool was unfortunately closed due to COVID.

    Our room was spacious and we faced the parking lot which was just fine. I parked my car purposely underneath our window, lol.

    I believe that we were the first guest in our room because my daughter had to unwrap the converter from its casing and I had to continuously pump the shower gel to get the first contents from the container, also; I had to unwind and plug in the mini-fridge, how cool is that?!

    The beds were comfortable, the bathroom spacious and the water flow from the shower head was powerful and wonderful and refreshing.

    They offered a big tub of shower gel/shampoo/conditioner in the shower, awesome! 

    There is a microwave and a mini-fridge and coffee maker.

    There is also a safe in the closet.

    During the night you didn't need a nightlight because the lights from the parking lot illuminated into the room through the big floor to ceiling windows. It was bright!

    This factor I truly loved, it gave us a sense of security. This hotel made us feel safe. As a woman traveling without my husband or my boys, my senses are more heightened when just traveling with my daughter. Safety is paramount and in this hotel, I/we felt really safe, because it was really bright.

    The main floor/entrance was bright.

    The hallway when we arrived late from the movies was bright.

    Coming out from the elevators didn't feel creepy.

    Parking my car late at night, felt really safe.

    Final thoughts

    I will book here again. It is only minutes away to downtown Collingwood and a 10/15 minute drive to Blue Mountain.

    The staff are very welcoming and always greet you with a smile.

    Plenty of parking and its free.

    Tim Horton's is across the street, just walk over.

    The hotel wreaked of newness, from the smell of fresh paint and the carpet to the linens and the smell of the furniture to the overall cleanliness of everything in sight.

    Check-in was quick.

    Check-out was even quicker.


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