MAJORCA VLOG DAY 1,2 &3 Alcudia, biking & holiday outfits

MAJORCA VLOG DAY 1,2 &3 Alcudia, biking & holiday outfits


    Hello Everybody!

    One thing that has been very consistent during my time on Youtube has been my friendship with WorldOfKora.

    So we decided to go way on a mini holiday together with our other halves, Davey and Josh.

    We had an absolute blast in Majorca and fitted so much in  and whilst we were there I managed to get some footage too!

    This is the first half of the Vlog, for those of you who dont like watching Vlogs i am also going to put together the snippets of the holiday too. ( You know i love those videos! )

    Anyway i hope you enjoy it, and if you thinking of visiting Majorca or are curious about the Island, its truly gorgeous! 




    AUGUST FAVOURITES 2018//www.youtube.com/embed/196f-ynIj_c?wmode=transparent

    VLOG Pure London and fashion Insight//www.youtube.com/embed/oqZ-NINsd8E?wmode=transparent

    VLOG - TENERIFE AND MOVING INTO OUR FIRST HOUSE//www.youtube.com/embed/FUgD4CX4kBE?wmode=transparent

    BLOG: www.annaban.co.uk

    INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/annnieban

    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AnnaBan17

    SNAPCHAT: annnieeban

    See you all next time!

    Hugs & Squishes



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    • Julia M Julia M : Anna, that's so cool! I love you Vlog, Mallorca is beautiful and seems like you're enjoying it a lot :) I've visited Mallorca last year, approximately the same time, here's my vlog: https://fashionpotluck.com/travel/serpentine-roads-laughs-and-good-music-first-vlog-mallorcan-vacation Love, Julia xx
      5 years ago 
      • Anna R Anna R : Hey Julia, Thanks so much! glad you liked it! Yes i loved Majorca! Okay thanks i shall check this out now, will be nice to see your trip and take on it :) xx
        5 years ago 
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