My Favorite Thing to Do is Go Where I’ve Never Been and I'd Never Been to Dayton

My Favorite Thing to Do is Go Where I’ve Never Been and I'd Never Been to Dayton

    United States
    Dayton, Ohio

    Ethan and I rarely sit still - especially during the weekend. We both love adventure and now that he’s made it his mission to always keep me in fresh supply of things to blog about, we take a lot of weekend trips. This past weekend found us in Dayton, Ohio. A small city about four hours south of us in the state where my Momma grew up.

    We drove down Saturday night and spent only a few minutes in the city center because, to be honest, there wasn’t a ton to see. No offense, Dayton. 

    It’s important to note that the city was basically in a state of emergency on this day because the whole midwest was in the middle of one of the worst winter storms it had seen in years. While most people would have taken that as a warning, we took that as nothing more than a challenge and an invitation, and drove right down into the brunt of the weather for no other reason than to prove we could.

    I liked the vibe of the city. It was quaint and charming. Even the Starbucks had its own unique character.

    Read all about it on my blog Espresso Myself here.

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    • Julie B Julie B : I've never been to Dayton or Ohio for that matter! Loved the notes left on the best advice board. Very cool!
      4 years ago 
    • Stine Mari F Stine Mari F : Such a charming place. I've never been to Ohio, but when I do I will be sure to visit Dayton!
      4 years ago 
      • Jami H Jami H : It really was lovely. I hope you get to go soon. Thanks for reading!
        4 years ago 
    • Sarah M Sarah M : I absolutely love small town. They have the best feel and the friendliest people. What a fun little spot you found!
      4 years ago 
      • Jami H Jami H : Thanks very much for reading - I completely agree!
        4 years ago 
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