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    The United State's vast territory offers more than 60 national parks, all of them stunning and full of biodiversity. Naturally, many people enjoy visiting these places and indulge themselves in different activities that can be done there. Some of them are sports activities, like rowing, biking, or hiking, among others. Let's mention some of the most astounding American national parks, chosen by not only their beauty but also their wildlife.

    1. Grand canyon national park for hiking lovers

    One of the most famous American national parks is a perfect destination for those of you who enjoy hiking. Its stunning views on the Colorado river will make your visit to Arizona even more enjoyable. The name of the Grand Canyon is not a coincidence since it is 227 miles long and 18 miles wide. The area is not only suitable for hiking but also rafting, as we mentioned in the Colorado river vicinity. Since the climate of this national park can experience some extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, make sure you inform well about it before visiting it and bring appropriate clothes.

    1. Whale watching in Acadia national park

    The state of Maine offers some stunning places as well, and one of them is the Acadia National Park. It is considered a true treasure of the North Atlantic coast. It is a perfect destination for history lovers but also for adventurers who like hiking. If you like wild landscapes with rugged mountains, such as Cadillac Mountain, this park will enchant you. If you wish to see humpback whales in their natural habitat, make sure you don't miss a boat ride in Acadia park, and if you're lucky enough you will see them waving their tails at you.

    1. Hiking through prairie in Badlands national park

    One of the world's richest fossil beds, Badlands welcomes you with its rugged beauty, and don't worry about its name, there is nothing creepy with Badlands. Big animals such as rhinos once lived in this area, and today you can still see bison who feed on the prairie grass along with wild dogs, ferrets, and others. This park, located in South Dakota is also an excellent place for hiking lovers, especially if you don't like groups of tourists. You can visit it alone and have all the privacy since. If you're a biker, you can take a look at the park from the Badlands Loop Road and enjoy it even more.

    1. Zion national park for bike riding

    Utah is a wonderful state for its several amazing national parks, one of them being Zion National park. For those who enjoy riding a bike, this park is ideal for that. You and your crew might need proper road bikes though, but the place is suitable for beginners too. Long ago this was home to many native Americans. Some of the most amazing trails you can use as your itinerary are Pa'rus Trail, The Grotto Trail, Lower Emerald Pool, and Riverside Walk. Massive cliffs, wild plants and animals, and blue sky will amaze you along the way.

    1. Enjoy the marine life in Biscayne national park

    If you want to visit Miami, but to stay far away from the crowded city, then you might consider visiting the Biscayne National Park. It is a perfect place for people who are more interested in marine life than in prairie and its flora and fauna. Islands and reefs that make this park can be visited on a boat only. If you don’t own a boat, you can easily rent one or hire a guide who can take you there. Among many interesting species, one of the most beautiful ones is the sea turtle that lives in the swamps. There are also amazing beaches, much more secluded than those you can find in the city.

    1. Watch the wildlife in Black Canyon in Gunnison

    Steep rocks and the wild nature of Black Canyon in Gunnison will amaze you and maybe intimidate you a little bit since their walls are so steep that not even the sunlight can reach all the spots over there. However, this place is not just about the rocks, there are dense forests where you can enjoy the amazing fauna and wild and fast rivers. Skiing, snowshoe trekking, and camping are among the favorite activities of people who visit the Black Canyon. The snowy canyon is an image you will never forget. Be very careful though, and bear in mind that this is not for beginners since accidents can happen.

    1. Enjoy Channel Islands flora and fauna

    The Channel Islands belong to California and you can't visit them by road. They make a perfect destination for camping and hiking. Camping can be especially interesting considering the amazing ecosystem this archipelago possesses. Some of the animals can only be seen here, so take a chance to spot animals such as endemic Channel Islands deer mouse, spotted chunk, and fence lizard.

    1. Death valley for hot temperatures lovers

    The place of hot temperatures and very low elevations, Death Valley offers an incredible Badwater basin, ubicated 282 feet below sea level. This is one of those places for people who like to spend some time alone in nature. It is wilderness at its best and it's so immense that nobody will be able to disturb you. Don't forget about snowy mountains, badlands, and dunes, adorned with succulents so typical for southern American state's deserts.

    1. American Samoa for exotic places lovers

    American Samoa is situated in Polynesia and as a Pacific island, it represents heaven on earth and an exotic treasure. Its national park is the only American national park south of the equator. If you want to see tropical flora and fauna, colorful birds, exotic beaches, and landscapes that resemble a different planet, American Samoa is the right place. The cheerful and welcoming people of this island will make your stance there even more enjoyable.

    We've presented you with 9 national parks in the United States that might be interesting for any nature and adventure lover. It is not an easy task to find the most beautiful ones, since there are more than 60 of them. Make sure you explore well and see which place corresponds to your interests. For example, if you like riding a bike, Zion is the perfect place for you. If you prefer lying down at some tropical beach, then it’s Samoa or Biscayne. We are sure you will be able to find your new favorite place.

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