2 Minute Refresh | Quickest Makeup Tutorial

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2 Minute Refresh | Quickest Makeup Tutorial

    This one is for all of you busy moms, people with demanding full-time jobs and people who simply do not or do not want to have the time to have a 20 step makeup routine. This is the quickest, 2 minute makeup look that not only gives you a more refreshed, awake look, but also covers all your bases in terms of sunscreen and achieving that healthy glow. I got the idea for this video after talking to my sister-in-law, a mother of two under the age of three. I know, its crazy! Her (and all my other friends with kids) are always asking how they can do a quick makeup look that'll make them look and feel their best with minimal effort. This is my go-to look for days when i'm just too busy to put on a full face! I hope you guys enjoy this video!  


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