DIY Boho Herringbone Pattern Tutorial

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DIY Boho Herringbone Pattern Tutorial

    Hey everyone!

    I hope you're all keeping busy during quarantine, whether that be binging Netflix or completing some projects that you didn't have the time to do before. I know for me quarantine has looked like a mixture of both.

    Today's post is super exciting because not only is it a reveal but it's also a tutorial! For those of you who are more visual learners, scroll down to view the video tutorial— for those who enjoy reading continue on to the rest of the blog post ↓

    As most of you know, not that long ago I transformed this nook in my home into my office space and I loved it.... but the adoration didn't last long. Honestly I blame it on Pinterest because my endless scrolling and pinning of home decor ideas just sparks so much creativity within me, I can't help myself at times! Thus the re-doing of my office space, for the second time. 

    Whist on one of my Pinterest pinning sprees I went down the patterned wall paint/wallpaper hole, and we allllll know how that goes. I already knew while browsing through wall patterns that I didn't even want to attempt to install wallpaper, I figured there must be a way to recreate the pattern using a good 'ol paint brush, some time and patience.

    Not only was I right in my thought process I also came across some pretty cool stencils that you can purchase on Etsy, so if you aren't comfortable with 'free handing' the pattern this is perfect! I chose not to use a pre-cut stencil and I absolutely love the way it turned out so it really is just a personal preference.

    Here's What You'll Need:

    • stencil [if you choose]
    • pencil 
    • ruler
    • paint [colour of your choice]
    • paint brush
    • paint tray 
    • painting tape [if you choose]

    clear out the space

    step o n e

    I began by clearing out the space so that I would have room to work, I moved the furniture out of the way and I took all the decor off the walls. I didn't bother to tape off the baseboards or cover the floor because I knew that the pattern would be painted on very detailed with a small brush so there was no risk for paint drippings.

    draw your stencil

    step t w o

    This is the part of the project that will require the most patience but I found that after I got the initial row completed it was a lot easier to build off of. 

    The design and vibe that I was going for is bohemian so with that in mind I didn't necessarily care about all of my lines being on the same slanted degree, however the spacing between each line definitely matters. 

    I started by drawing a single line and then moving vertically down the wall I measured an inch and a half space between each line and I found it easier to measure everything out, mark it, and then draw in the lines. After I completed the first row vertically I then measured half an inch between the lines horizontally, and started to draw in the lines in the opposite diagonal degree than the first row.

    After you complete the first row, the only measurements that you need to worry about is spacing the lines horizontally. You can use your first row of lines as a guide when it comes to the vertical spacing. 

    Remember to draw on your stencil using pencil! This allows you to fix up any mistakes before you make it permanent. 

    Get Your Paint/paint brush Ready

    step t h r e e 

    In my case I wanted my paint colour to be a dark grey colour as opposed to straight up black so I mixed some white and black paint together and got the perfect colour!

    When it comes to the brush that you use I suggest using a flat tipped brush like this one, it makes painting your lines easier because the bristles are really dense and the control is better. 

    Get Painting!

    step f o u r

    I chose to start at the top of the wall and work my way down, which worked out really well because then I didn't have to stand on the latter as long.

    When I started painting I chose to just freehand over the stencil which really added to the boho effect that I was going for, however for more crisp and clean lines definitely use the ruler as a guide/guard and make sure its a cheap ruler you don't care about getting paint on.

    As I was going I changed my technique and after a few rows I got the hang of it. Here's some tips that I found helpful:

    1. don't hold the paint brush close to the bristles, this may seem tempting because it feels like you have more control but the lighter the touch the better
    2. try to paint your lines in one fluid motion, stopping and starting makes for choppy lines
    3. don't soak your brush with paint but make sure its fully covered, you don't want too much or too little 
    4. if you're doing multiple coats, be sure to let the first coat completely dry before applying a second otherwise the paint may become tacky and uneven
    5. take. your. time!!! patience is key when it comes to completing this project, so don't rush and enjoy the soothing sensation painting can bring to come to you 

    Put Furniture Back + Hang Pictures

    step f i v e

    The last step is putting back the furniture and redecorating the space! I chose to hang my pictures/wall art on the neighbouring wall so that they weren't distracting from the new herringbone pattern and they filled the space nicely.

    I scored this super cute grid wire frame [similar] from the dollar store and spray painted it black, this will also double as my vision board! The other frames I already had which was a bonus. 

    I'm so happy with the way that the design turned out, it's everything that I envisioned! I hope that this post gave you some inspiration to spice up a wall in your house!

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