Ice coffee to cool down

    s 1 cup milk (250 ml) ½ cup water (125 ml) 1 cup ice cubes + some extra for serving, if desired 2-3 teaspoons instant coffee 2-3 teaspoons brown Sugar Throw all ingredients in a blender or a hand blender beaker and blend until smooth and a foam forms (if you are after thicker foam, blend it longer). Put some ice cubes in glasses before pouring the coffee in. Serve right away!
    10   Minutes

    During this heat weave we are experiencing in South Afroica, Pretoria.  It's important to stay hydrated and cool down and what better way to skip the hot steamy coffee for an ice coffee.

    It's fleshing, cold and smells amazing.

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    • Julia M Julia M :

      Love it! Jealous of the SA heat. So cold here in Amsterdam in winter (in summers too, haha).  

      2 weeks ago 
    • Didi S Didi S :

      I would not survive in Amsterdam.  Hate the cold 🥶

      2 weeks ago 
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