7 Essential Makeup Brushes: Tutorial For Beginners

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-Hey guys, my name is Una.

-Hi, I’m Petya and welcome to the Fashion Potluck Blog. Today we're going to be talking about makeup brushes and Petya is going to help me as a model.

Nowadays it can be really hard to find a perfect makeup brush. They come in different shapes and different sizes. And without labels, it's really difficult to find out which one you actually have to use. The two really important features when it comes to choosing the perfect makeup brush are its density and the material. There are two sorts of material - the natural ones and the synthetic ones. If you want to apply liquid foundation it's always better to use a synthetic one because it will make the application of makeup easier and smoother. And if you want to apply blush or powder always go for a natural one because it just is not that dense and it will make your powder look much more natural.


So, we are first going to start with the foundation brushes, which are really important and help you apply your foundation in a perfect way. So, when it comes to the texture of these brushes, they have this really thick structure which helps you apply the foundation in a nice and precise way. The shape of the brushes is sometimes a bit more round which also helps you reach the corners of your face, such as under your nose or around it, which could be a bit more difficult without it. Before I was always applying the foundation with my fingers because I thought it was much more precise, but actually it was such a waste of the foundation. Basically, your hands are not clean so you apply all the bacteria onto your face as well. Because it's so soft it does not leave any marks on your face, which is, of course, something really important.

HOW TO USE: What applying the foundation make sure to start from the center of your face because that's where you need to most of the coverage. The round shape of the brush helps you really reach the corners under the nose and then spread it all over your face with strong streaks and then in circular motions makes sure to bland the foundation. And, on your neck as well.


The next important brush is the concealer brush. The little round shape of the concealer brush really helps you to reach the inner corners of your eyes and spots which are really difficult to reach. It also has this really spoof edge, which really helps you with blending the concealer. And, before you apply the concealer, always make sure to put it on the top of your hand because it's just going to get warmer and application is going to be much smoother.


Once you have applied the concealer and your foundation, the next step is blending your make up. For that, you're going to need to use a makeup blender. This is one example of a makeup blender. And you also have these ones: 

You can notice that the beauty blender has two sides – the pointy side, and a bit more of a rounder side. The pointy side makes blending makeup in difficult areas to reach - easier. So, around your nose. And, the rounder area makes it easier to apply makeup and blend it onto the rest of your face. However, before using the makeup blender, what you have to do is you always have to put it under the water, so it increases in size. It's clean, but it also does not really take your whole makeup inside.


Let's move onto the powder brushes. The powder brushes really help you to apply your powder in a really good way. It really makes your makeup look very nice and smooth. You can see that they come in different shapes and sizes. And actually, if you want to apply contouring, you can use these brushes as well because they have a really nice texture. And when it comes to the material, I would always recommend choosing the natural brushes for powder applying, because they're not as dense as the synthetic ones, and they've just going to make your powder look much smoother. If you are the type of a person who prefers having more powder, then I would always recommend applying to both sides, because when you use these brushes a lot of powder does not really stay on it. And, always when applying the powder, make sure to apply it only on your T-zone - your nose and your forehead, because that's the place of your face where you need to most of the coverage. And if you put a powder all over your face, then you can just get this cake look, which definitely does not look very nice. However, if you do have a cake look, make sure to use a fluffy brush to slightly remove the powder. Don't you use the makeup blender for this, because then it's just going to remove your foundation.



Let's move on to the eyeshadow brushes. So, we have a lot of different types and they have different purposes. So, let's start with my favorite one. This is my favorite brush from NAKED palette, and it really is of a very high quality and it helps you blend your makeup in a really nice way. I always use it for the upper eyelid, the crease. It really makes your makeup look unique and smooth. Its other part, which is a bit more pointy, is always helpful to either put a darker shade on your eyelid or to put it under your eyes because it's very precise. When it comes to choosing the brushes for your eyes. I would always recommend using softer ones because you don't really irritate your eyes in that way. And, when it comes to the eyeliner brush. if you're applying the eyeliner, always make sure to just choose a pointy one because it will help you apply eyeliner in a really precise way. It’s very thick and nice.


So, when it comes to the eyebrows I sometimes just use a pencil, but if you want to get a really precise look, I would definitely recommend trying out the Kat Von D eyebrows brush. It really helps you create this natural look. It's very pointy and it's also very thin and very precise and you can really kind of imitate the hairs of your eyebrows. It's very easy to apply. Before applying it I always actually use this brush to brush my hair. Then, after that, I clean it using a bit of water and then I apply the eyebrow color.


Let's move onto my favorite brushes and these are the blush brushes. They come in different shapes and different sizes. However, when it comes to material, if you can, always go for the natural ones, because it's just better for your skin and it won’t soak up the powder and it will give you this smooth look. It really depends on which look you want. So, do you want the blush to be really obvious, or do you want a more precise blush, or you just want a nice color on your face? So, I always go with this one (showing) because it's very precise and it really helps me to apply the blush in a really nice way. I would recommend this one for beginners. If you want to have the thicker line of blush, I would recommend this one (showing) because you see that it's kind of long and it creates a longer line. When it comes to choosing the blush brushes, it's always really important to check if it's soft on your face because if it's not it can irritate your skin, and it does not feel nice.

HOW TO USE: Before applying the blush, make sure to smile because it really emphasizes your cheekbones. We start from the center and with some nice streaks, we go all above your ear. Make sure to blend it in nicely. It is going to look amazing.

-And we have come to an end. We hope by now you're familiar with all the basic makeup brushes.

-There are a lot of options out there, so just make sure to find the right one for you.

-Thank you for watching, and if you have any suggestions or comments, make sure to leave them in the box below. Bye!


The Fashion Potluck Team.

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