Day 7 | Marisa Butler - Miss Earth USA 2021 | FP Advent Calendar

Day 7 | Marisa Butler - Miss Earth USA 2021 | FP Advent Calendar

    Day 7🌎 | #fpadventcalendar

    Today we are featuring another wonderful woman and our webinar speaker, also Miss Earth USA 2021 Marisa Paige Butler.💛

    As the founder of We Clean Trails (San Diego) and current titleholder of Miss Earth USA, Marisa is bringing awareness to many important issues in environmentalism and sustainability. We Clean Trails is a community organization dedicated to cleaning up trails every weekend throughout the San Diego area. The team of volunteers ranges from 4-year-olds to grandparents and with each trip they gather between 400-1,000 lbs. of litter. The goal of the group is to clean up public spaces through community involvement and also to get those in underserved communities access to outdoor spaces like hiking trails and beaches.

    In addition, Marisa is also the current winner of the Miss Earth USA pageant, an organization committed to bringing awareness to environmental issues and actively participating in projects that support green causes. Their work includes tree plantings, children's education, local clean-ups, water distribution, climate leadership training, and countless other activities that make a positive impact on our planet. And lastly, Marisa is a financial advisor for ESG (Environmental Social Governance) portfolios and can advise clients on sustainable angles. Marisa is truly helping the planet on all fronts, from social activism to beauty pageants, as well as her day-to-day work.


    On Thursday we hosted a webinar with Marisa Butler on her title, her achievements, her approach to sustainability. Here's the webinar's recording: 

    Watch it here with the passcode: G5GDRAx+ 

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