Get a Kickstart to the Holidays With These 5 Gifts

Get a Kickstart to the Holidays With These 5 Gifts

    The holidays will be here before you know it, which means it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gifts to get for the loved ones in your life. Sometimes, the idea of finding the right gift for everyone on your list can feel overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve got the ultimate guide to help you find the perfect holiday presents for your nearest and dearest. 

    1. A Jewelry Set That They’ll Love

    When looking for great holiday presents, best-selling jewelry designs are a perfect start, as they are the most popular picks for jewelry fans. In order to pick out the ideal pieces of best-selling jewelry for your someone special, you’ll want to consider their personal style. Do they like gold jewelry or silver? What’s their favorite diamond cut? If you get a necklace, would they enjoy a set of matching earrings? It’s also a good idea to look into some of the latest jewelry trends to see what types of best-selling jewelry are especially popular this year. For instance, huggie hoop earrings have become quite popular recently; why not get them a stylish pavé pair with small diamonds lining the hoop for a subtle hint of sparkle that’s perfect for everyday wear? Gifting best-selling jewelry is a special way to show someone just how much you care about them this holiday season.

    2. A New Cookware Set to Spice Up Their Kitchen

    If you’ve got a favorite foodie on your gift list, they’ll absolutely love it when they find out that you got them a brand new cookware set! There are so many different options to choose from: depending on your budget, you could focus on getting them a singular statement cookware piece, like a new dutch oven. Or, if you’re feeling generous, you could get them a full pot and pan set to overhaul their well-worn current cookery. Just be sure to get them to promise to throw a New Year’s Eve potluck dinner so you get to enjoy a meal made with their new dishes too!

    3. Tickets to See Their Favorite Artist Live

    As the world has continued to open up since 2020, one of the greatest delights has been getting the chance to see our favorite music artists live, in-person again. For the music lover in your life, give them a pair of tickets to go see one of their top five musicians the next time they’re in town. If a show is coming up, go ahead and buy the best seats that you can and surprise them with the tickets by wrapping them in an innocuous holiday card. Or, if you know of an artist that they love that hasn’t released tickets yet, frame the gift as an IOU, and tell them you’ll swoop the tickets up for them as soon as you see them. 

    4. A Good Winter Coat

    Unless you’re traveling to the tropics, the holidays can get pretty chilly. (Folks going to an island for the winter months, we see you. And would love it if you let us tag along! Just kidding. Maybe next time?). A good winter coat is always a great gift to give someone during the colder months. Search for long-lasting options like sturdy wool peacoats and fluffy down jackets, which will be sure to keep them warm while standing up to the test of time. 


    When searching for the ideal winter coat for your loved one, be sure to consider their personal fashion sense so you know you’re getting them something they’ll enjoy wearing. If they're a fan of classic looks, opt for a chic black coat that pairs well with anything. Or, if they like to dial the style meter up to eleven, pick out a puffer jacket in a hot neon hue that’s sure to stun as they walk down the streets (aka, their runway). A good coat is a present that will bring joy to anyone you give it to long after the holiday season is over. 

    5. A Gift Card to Their Favorite Subscription Service

    These days, it seems like there’s a subscription service for everything: streaming channels, food delivery, and even clothing – you name it, you can pay a monthly fee to get it! However, all those monthly fees can add up, so why not treat your loved one to a few months off with a gift card to their favorite subscription service?

    Time to Get Gifting

    Now that you’ve got some ideas, it’s time to start planning the perfect presents for everyone on your gift list. The fashionistas in your life are bound to love stylish pieces of best-selling jewelry and warm winter coats. For the foodies, get them new cookware they can put to good use. Music lovers will be over the moon to get concert tickets. And when in doubt, find a gift card to help cover a subscription service they absolutely need. While it’s the thought that counts with holiday gift giving, these ideas are sure to be winners. 

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