How to Design a Custom Engagement Ring for Under $3,000

How to Design a Custom Engagement Ring for Under $3,000

    Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life. So, you want it to be beautiful and perfect in every way possible. That means you’ll leave no stone unturned to ensure everything goes smoothly and according to plan. That includes your choice of engagement ring because that’s something people will talk about for some time.

    When it comes to buying or designing an engagement ring, most people hardly put any effort from a creative point of view. For instance, some will directly go to a jeweler or dealer, go through their ring catalog and buy whatever catches their eyes. On the other hand, some will take inspiration from famous personalities like Princess Diana or Lady Gaga and recreate their engagement rings. 

    Doing these things saves time and effort. However, where’s the fun and excitement in that? It’s your wedding, and it should be unique in every way possible. So, why walk away from a chance to design a custom engagement ring for yourself?

    Designing a custom engagement ring is easier said than done. That’s why we’ll show you how you can do just that, and that too in under $3,000.

    Choose Your Gemstones

    Gemstone jewelry is all the rage right now. When it comes to gemstones, people usually fall toward high-quality diamonds. It’s usually a fancy white diamond or a colored diamond that they opt for. However, diamonds are expensive. You can’t find a decent-looking diamond for anything less than $2,000. That’s two-thirds of our budget, which is a bit too much.

    The only way out of this is by going for alternatives. Of course, you wouldn’t want to compromise on the vibrant look of your gemstone. So, you should consider opting for something that’s not just appealing and of high quality but also not that expensive. 

    Aquamarine stones are the only ones that fit this narrative. Their greenish-blue and sea blue colors don’t necessarily give off diamond-like vibes. However, they are extremely beautiful to look at.

    Aquamarine rings aren’t that expensive either. Going through the catalog of Leibish's aquamarine gemstones will give you a clear idea of that. The cheaper ones cost around $1,500, weighing about 2 carats. For $2,400, you can get an emerald cut 5.78-carat aquamarine stone. That’s one deal you shouldn’t miss out on.

    The clarity is important, but you don't have many options under $2,500 or $3,000. You can, however, play with the shape of the stone and see which one attracts you the most.

    Decide on a Band

    You have already chosen a gemstone by now. The next step is to decide on a ring band.

    The most important thing to remember when choosing a band is that it needs to complement the stone. By no means can the band overpower the gemstones. Also, the contrast between the two needs to be perfect. 

    For instance, you will be better off with a rose gold band when using red gemstones like a ruby. The rose gold-tone on the band will complement the blood-red color of the ruby. That will make it pop out and look more appealing. 

    Aquamarine stones have a bluish-green color tone. You’ll be better off using a platinum or silver band for these gemstones.

    Assuming you spend less than $2,000 on the stone, you can spend another $300 to $500 on the platinum band. Platinum bands are expensive. Pure platinum bands will cost upwards of $900. However, the less expensive variants are just as good.

    Think of a Style

    So far, you have spent roughly $2,500 on the ring. Now you get to spend the rest on craftsmanship. That is where you have to put your creativity into play. 

    You can always take inspiration from other rings that you have come across. However, never fully copy them. Instead, you can opt for a blend of ideas and then design accordingly. 

    For styling the ring, you can focus on a couple of areas. Firstly, you can use two different types of gemstones. One will be the centerpiece, and the others can form a halo around it. Go for this option only if you have sufficient funds.

    The other thing you can do is experiment with the band. Maybe go for a triple-band setting for your ring, or shape the band differently. These minor changes to the band’s structure won’t cost you much.

    Take Measurements

    The design is ready. All you have to do now is take measurements for the finger. Have a jeweler do it for you. You can always take the measurements yourself, but that might not lead to accurate results. So, it’s always better to take the help of a professional.

    So, there you have it—a custom-made engagement ring for under $3,000. Yours might cost slightly more, depending on the design and gemstone. However, it won’t cost as much as most readymade gemstone engagement rings.

    Main Image Credit: Annie Zav Photography

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