Marketplace for Digital Products: Sell Your Creativity, Knowledge, and Experience | Women Community

Marketplace for Digital Products: Sell Your Creativity, Knowledge, and Experience | Women Community

    Following months of interviews with our international women community and everyday users, we paid attention to their goals, needs as content creators and entrepreneurs, and how Fashion Potluck can support them in their journey. The result of this was to develop the Fashion Potluck Marketplace.

    What is the FP Market Place?

    Our marketplace is part of our Fashion Potluck Premium Membership (The Women Club). It provides the possibility to sell to people in 41 countries around the world any digital product that you can think of. It is simple to use and to sell. In partnership with the payment company Stripe, you can link to your bank account and have any income from your sales directly deposited. 


    We understand that the world has become smaller and that your followers and potential customers can live in a number of different countries and with different currencies. Because of this, we provide you with the possibility to sell in: US Dollars ($), Euros (€), British Pounds (£), and Russian Rubles (₽). 

    List of countries:

    Our Fashion Potluck Marketplace is available for community members living in the following countries
















    Canada Cyprus



    Czech Republic











    United Arab Emirates



    United Kingdom



    United States


    New Zealand


    Hong Kong




    What can be sold?

    Anything digital can be sold. Do you have a pizza, soup, cake recipe? Can you sell this for $5? Yes! Can you sell it for $500? Also yes. The price is up to you. You can sell, guides, coaching sessions, workshops, workout sessions, e-books, video lessons. Sell a song. Sell a poem. Anything for the price you want in four different currencies of your choice.

    Files Supported:

    We support the most common file types for upload by you, the seller.

    Documents: html, PDF, docx, xml, doc, xlsx, xls, ppt, pptx

    Audio: mp3, wav, webm, m4p, aac

    Video: avi, webm, gif, mov, wmv, mp4, m4v


    1. Post: we have a variety of features you can use to help you sell better. Whatever service or digital product you want to sell, you can make a post with images, videos, text, describing it. 

    2. Discounts: you can add a discount to your product to entice new or existing customers.

    3. Coupon codes: you can create coupon codes and assign them to the products you choose. In addition to this, you can add a date validity and communicate the expiration date. Imagine you sharing with your followers on IG or other social media platforms your coupon code and the products this applies to!

    4. Boost!: with this tool, you can choose a product that you are selling in our marketplace and boost it to the top of our home and marketplace feed. As you might know, our feed is served in chronological order. First come, first served. So, our Boost! Comes in handy to make sure your product gets back in the limelight. This is good for attracting new users and for your SEO as Google will get to see this back on top of our home.


    Commission & Admin fee:

    We charge a 4% commission plus a 30 cent administration fee to process your transaction as well as to maintain the marketplace. This way our community can continue to sell their creative products. Stronger together we can increase our community and the benefits to all.


    Support & Coaching:

    The team at Fashion Potluck wants to make sure you are able to grow, both as a content creator and in your entrepreneurial ventures. We will support your selling efforts by letting our community members know about your product. We can place them in our newsletter and social media outlets.

    Importantly so, we will coach you as to better ways to sell within FP and about e-commerce and online marketing in general. We have long careers in both e-commerce and online marketing. As part of our international women community, we will share our knowledge, experience, and our do’s and don’ts for selling and putting yourself out there.


    Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions and/or comments. We are here for you and hope to have you join us, and be part of a growing international and empowering women community.


    • Julia M Julia M :

      Finally! Happy it’s finally available!  Can’t wait to see everyone’s products!❤️

      1 year ago 
    • Parmi P Parmi P :

      This is such a great thoughtful idea!! Can't wait to shop!!   

      1 year ago 
    • Martina F Martina F :

      wow!! This is a great idea to help small business and make yourself known to the community with new products! Good job!     

      1 year ago 
    • Tiara M Tiara M :

      I love this idea!! Amazing job. I cant wait to try it and see everyone's products!

      1 year ago 
    • Annaleid B Annaleid B :

      It's so easy to set it up and post your product on there! I just added my first product and I'm so excited to see everyone else's products on there too! 

      1 year ago 
    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      Absolutely lovee this idea! I just can't wait to use this space here. Thank you for this, and awesome job, FP team <3 

      1 year ago 
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