Tackling Ill Effects of Air Pollution With All-Natural Products

Tackling Ill Effects of Air Pollution With All-Natural Products

    When we think of air pollution, we tend to picture smog and smoke. But not all pollutants are visible. Many pollutants are invisible gases that can pose a real risk to your health on their own or when combined with other hazardous chemicals. 


    These fine particulate matter (PM) pollutants, as they're called, can be the worst for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. Fortunately, many companies are creating products designed specifically to help filter these PMs out of your environment. 


    The following products might interest you if you live in places like Medford. This is so because Medford's air quality suggests the presence of particulate matter in the air from various sources like transportation, agriculture fires, industry, etc.  


    Background on Air Pollution

    Air pollution is a serious problem that affects everyone. It is the most significant environmental health risk, causing millions of premature deaths every year.


    Air pollution is a global problem. It is one of the leading causes of disease worldwide, especially in low-income regions where air quality standards are often not met or enforced.


    Pollution in the U.S. has been on the rise over the past two decades due to increased energy production and use as well as population growth and development projects. According to EPA data from 2013 through 2017 (the latest available), ground-level ozone concentrations have declined by 11 percent nationwide. However, several cities continue to experience unhealthy levels of this pollutant during peak summer time when weather conditions allow for its rapid buildup into dangerous concentrations.


    How Does Air Pollution Affect the Skin?

    The effects of air pollution are more than just skin deep. Airborne particulates and chemicals can cause irritation, inflammation, and chronic dryness on your skin. It is especially if you have eczema or sensitive skin, to begin with. 


    The most noticeable effects are rashes and acne, which usually occur when the pollutants enter your pores through sweat or other bodily fluids. It's also been linked to eczema (dry patches of skin on the hands), psoriasis (an autoimmune disease affecting the skin), and dermatitis (another type of rash).


    If this sounds like something you've experienced recently or ever, it's worth mentioning to your doctor as soon as possible. She'll be able to help determine whether there's an underlying cause for your symptoms that might need addressing in addition to treating them directly with some all-natural moisturizers from home or over-the-counter lotions from a pharmacy.


    What Can You Do to Protect Your Skin?

    • Wear a mask.
    • Wear a hat.
    • Avoid polluted areas whenever possible, but if you can't, stay indoors and close the windows as much as possible. 
    • If you have oily or combination skin, consider using an oil-free makeup remover. 


    This is instead of using water-based products. These can be absorbed into your pores and irritate them further with their alcohol content (which is why most people use them in the first place). 


    Oil-based makeup removers are less likely to irritate sensitive skin types than water-based ones because they're gentler on the epidermis. However, these are oil-based themselves and therefore have their own set of hazards such as clogging pores. It may be best for those with dry or normal complexions who experience fewer breakouts anyway.


    Your body will do its best to eliminate the toxins via your respiratory system. So it's important to take care of this process by not exposing yourself unnecessarily to polluted air (especially during exercise).


    All-Natural Products to the Rescue

    If you want to fight air pollution, you can do it with all-natural products. The good news is that these are good for your skin and the environment but also your wallet.


    Natural ingredients can have anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce redness, swelling, and irritation on your face. They also have anti-aging benefits including protecting against UV damage (which causes wrinkles).


    So if you're looking for a way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of air pollution without breaking the bank or harming the planet then natural products are a great option!


    The Demand for Natural Products Is Growing

    The demand for natural products is growing because people are becoming more aware of the ill effects of air pollution. They are also becoming more aware of its negative impact on their health and well-being.


    One example is the rise in popularity of vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters. It removes 99% of pollutants from household air (such as pollen, dust mites, and pet dander). This has been shown to reduce asthma symptoms in children by up to 50%.


    Take Care of Your Skin, Naturally!

    Taking care of your skin is an important part of staying healthy. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it plays a crucial role in protecting you from outside factors. It's also the way we experience the world around us, so it's important to make sure our skin looks and functions its best.


    All-natural products are made with ingredients harvested naturally, without any additives or preservatives added. This makes them more effective than traditional skincare products because they don't contain harmful chemicals that can lead to health problems down the line. 


    There are many ways to find all-natural products, including online shopping sites like Amazon or local farmers' markets if you're looking for something specific like fresh produce! Once you've found what works best for you though there's nothing stopping anyone else from trying out different options too!



    It's not too late to use natural products to keep the air around you clean and healthy.  


    The first thing you can do is get more plants! They're great at absorbing carbon dioxide and other gases that would otherwise pollute the air in your home. 


    We love potted plants because they're easy to move around. However, if you live somewhere with less space, consider investing in a small garden outside your window so it gets plenty of sunlight during daylight hours.


    Another great way to improve your indoor air quality is by using an essential oil diffuser or adding essential oils to an existing humidifier (if you have one). This will help purify and freshen up any room where there might be stale odors lingering from cooking or smoking cigarettes earlier today. Plus it'll make everything smell nicer!


    Last but not least, we think it's important for people who want better health to invest in good water filter systems. These have been proven effective at removing contaminants from drinking water sources worldwide.

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