What to do in Amsterdam this Autumn 2018: Music, Lifestyle, Food, and Business events. (with prices and addresses)

What to do in Amsterdam this Autumn 2018: Music, Lifestyle, Food, and Business events. (with prices and addresses)

    Autumn is when it’s not too cold yet, but there is no warm wind anymore. Autumn is the time for books, tea, blankets, cuddles, and red wine. Autumn is when your mood slightly changes because of the lack of the Sun. 

    Let’s make this Autumn fun, productive, and “warm”. Here’s the selection of not-so-touristy and so-fun events! Check it out and add your suggestions in the comments. 


    Boom Chicago, Rozengracht 117 

    Improvisation, comedy, witty jokes, and casual crowd giggles. Does it sound like your type of Sunday? Starting from the 9th of September Boom Chicago presents the Sunday Night Live comedy shows, which you can enjoy weekly till the end of the year. Whether you are a fan of the improvisation or you want to change your Sunday routine, these improvised comedy shows will take you on an exciting adventure full of humor, positive energy, and laughing people.

    Price: 17.95€ (Tickets only online)

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    Impact Hub Amsterdam, 2C Linnaeusstraat.

    There’s barely any modern brand nowadays that has no social media presence. And if they don’t have it, is it a big mistake in their strategy? Does social media actually bring more harm than benefit? And, how can we use it successfully to attract potential clients?

    On the 11th of September, you can get the responses to these and other social media related questions. Join the social media workshop, organized by the Impact Hub Amsterdam and Starters4Communities under the Young Impactmakers umbrella, where successful social enterprises will share their experience and know-how. FYI, you don’t need to be an entrepreneur or an advertiser to join the workshop. Take your talent and ambition to the next level!

    Free attendance (registration is required in advance).

    Register.pngimpact hub.png

    Did you know that there’s a solution to stress, depression, and winter blues, other than chocolate and binge-watching series? On the 13th of September Nicola Cloherty from Love & Oranges will lead you to an aroma adventure with natural essential oils. She will explain how to use their power to achieve both physical and emotional balance. Reconnect with your inner-self and boost your self-confidence and positive energy.

    Free Attendance (registration required).

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    Moermanskkade 71 

    On one of the last weekends of September (if the weather allows, of course) you will have the chance to reconnect with nature having some quality vegan food and accompanied by the beats of live music. Besides the multiple food truck options, you will be able to enjoy a peaceful day in the chill out areas, watch an exciting fire show and create a lovely vintage memory with the hippie photo booth. Could you Sunday get any better?

    Free Attendance.

    funky vegan festival.png

    Café Belcampo, Hannie Dankbaarpassage 10

    After the joyful day you spent at the Funky Vegan Festival, or if you simply got unlucky with the weather, make sure to stop by and enjoy a jazz performance at Café Belcampo. “The Library Sessions” is an inspiring musical event with the relaxed atmosphere and good-quality music. Enjoy a glass of red wine and dive into the beautiful melody of jazz sounds.

    Free attendance.

    jazz sunday.png

    Bluebirds Yoga AmsterdamLouise Wentstraat 186

    Mindfulness is the truthful way to happiness. Whether you are into the concepts of mindfulness and meditation or you are just learning how to find balance in your daily life, this is the right course for you. You will learn not only how to deal with tension and personal problems but also how to accept your experiences just as they are and to appreciate the little things in life. You will learn how to live through the sad and tough moments, and how to savor the happy days. 

    Price: 427€ for the whole course (registration is required by email: nicoline@freelancefilosoof.com). 

    Sahaja Yoga meditation centre, Manenburgstraat 22

    If you are not familiar with meditation yet, your mind goes crazy when you try practicing it, or even if you’ve been practicing meditation for years – check out this course. Starting from the 24th of September Sahaja Yoga Amsterdam will be hosting a free meditation and mindfulness course that will help you restore your mind and body balance. You will learn how to awaken your inner energy, called Kundalini, which will lead you to the state of "thoughtless awareness". This will help you improve yourself to grow both personally and professionally, and add more positive energy and motivation to your daily routine during the otherwise gloomy Autumn season.

    Free attendance (registration is required by email: sahajayogacourse@gmail.com).


    ROC Institute Amsterdam, Da Costastraat 64

    Whether you love cooking and want to explore new horizons, or you are a truthful fan of Thai cuisine, put the following event into your agenda.  On the 23rd of September “Amazing Thailand Nederland” is organizing a Thai themed cooking class. This is your chance to dive deep into the Thai culture and cuisine. Enjoy the process and experience a surprising blend of flavors, combinations, and spices. Make sure to register in advance!

    Free attendance (registration is required in advance). 

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    What better way to relax and enjoy the chill autumn weather in Amsterdam than with a glass of red wine and good music. On the last days of September, there will be lots of wine tasting, positive vibes and great surprises in different locations around Amsterdam. As an addition to that, all wine lovers will be able to learn some interesting facts about wine and participate in a wine auction. Isn’t that exciting?!

    Tickets are 5.95€.


    He.Ro, Beitelkade 4

    Starting from mid-September you will have a chance to visit the “Market Forces” exhibition at HE.RO. The exhibition allows you to dive into the current market paradigm. You can expect the selection of artworks, mostly created by emerging artists, which maps out the path of global consumerism.

    Free attendance.

    market forces.png

    Het Koninklijk Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Concertgebouwplein 10

    This October you can change your lunch routine to a more cultural and entertaining one! Every Wednesday come and enjoy music performances by young and up-and-coming artists, as well as public rehearsals by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. The Lunchtime Concerts will be performed in both the Main Hall and the Recital Hall. Spend the lovely 30 minutes of your lunch filled with beautiful melodies and positive vibes. The program is usually announced online one week in advance.

    Free attendance. 


    Melkweg, Lijnbaansgracht 234a

    On the 4th of October, you can have a healthy dose of laughter with David Cross. A successful stand-up comedian, actor, and director, he is going to make a stop on his tour to bring some positive vibes to the already a bit gloomy and rainy Amsterdam. We all know that feeling of pain in our stomach out of too much laughter. What is a better way to relax after work on a Thursday night?

    Tickets are 31.80€.

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    nature_pure_healthier habits_amsterdam_workshop.jpg

    Impact Hub Amsterdam, 2C Linnaeusstraat

    On the 6th of October, Huygens Talent Circle is organizing a healthy lifestyle workshop. At the workshop, you will find answers to the important questions about your body and nature, will develop healthy habits for body, mind, and the planet. You will find out the important and shocking facts about our planet and will have a chance to talk to experts in each field. Plus, the event will be closed with some healthy food, drinks and lots of fun networking.

    Tickets are 15-25€.

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    • Perdu presents: Wet by Screw Productions- 17th October 
    • Perdu, Kloveniersburgwal 86
      Open your mind and broaden your perspectives with “Wet”- the show about sex, and no, it’s not one of those Red Lights District distractions. On the 17th of October Perdu is going to present a play about sex that follows the life of two women. It will bring you on an exciting and sexual journey through feminist sexual gratification with a bit of humor. 

      Tickets are 18€. 

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    •  Moscow Classical Ballet – 26,27th of October

    Koninklijk Theater Carré, Amstel 115-125

    On the 26th and 27th of October, you will be able to enjoy a series of quality ballet performances. Get ready for emotional and breathtaking shows by the Moscow Classical Ballet. Whether you are a fan of ballet shows or you are looking for an inspiring cultural event, the Moscow Classical Ballet troupe will take you on a magical adventure filled with beautiful music and dance. Let’s get cultural!

    Tickets are 23.50€.

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    Mirror Center, 3 Ter Gouwstraat

    If you were to count the chemical product you have at home, how many would you have? We have a lot, and now is the right time to be more conscious and eco-friendlier about it. 

    On the 29th of October, Hana Wellness is organizing a natural chemical-free living workshop. From all the cleaning detergents we use at home to all the beauty products and fragrances we treat our body with, chemicals have been bombarding our bodies with toxins for long enough. Why keep poisoning ourselves daily when we can nurture our bodies with natural and healthy products instead?

    Tickets are 10€.

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    Circl, Gustav Mahlerplein 1 B

    Are you a tech lady, a tech start-up member or just want to explore the fascinating tech world? We’ve got you covered!

    Women in Tech Regatta is an exclusive event that will give you the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals with various expertise and career levels. Join the week of inspirational collective events, workshops, and meet-ups. Get inspired by all the amazing women, who will share their experience and know-how.

    Tickets are 86.18-101.22€.

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    Lil' Amsterdam, Amstelpassage Amsterdam Centraal Station, Stationsplein 31 - 33 

    On the 1st of November Lifestyle Business Club is organizing a business networking fair. You will be able to meet entrepreneurs and professionals from various areas such as Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Health, etc. Meeting aspiring entrepreneurs, increasing your social network, starting new partnerships, is it what you are looking for? See you there!

    Tickets are 20.07-82.99€.

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    Paradiso, Weteringschans 6-8

    Doesn’t Autumn associate with jazzy sounds? This November, on a chilly and windy evening, you can warm up with this alternative jazz concert. Sipping red wine, you will enjoy the unison of the beautiful old school sounds of trumpets and saxophones with some modern beats. Enjoy this unique musical experience and join the crowd for some dancing later at night!

    Tickets are 14€.

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    Mirror Center, 3 Ter Gouwstraat

    After the Chemical Free Living workshop in October, Hana Wellness is coming back for another session, this time helping you understand the harmful effects of using non-natural beauty products. Find out how much fun and satisfaction you will have by treating yourself with completely natural products, most of which you can make yourself.

    Tickets are 10€.

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    Mauritskade 55C

    Winter blues, gray skies, lack of Sun and social interactions. All of us lose sharpness and creativity once in a while. If you feel like you’re stuck in the creative process, and there are no ideas being born, read the below.

    On the 20th-21st of November, Bambuku Creatives is organizing a Creativity Boosting Workshop.  Understanding your creative mind and finding the balance between creativity and productivity are just a couple of the important topics that will be covered during the event. To add to that, some practical exercises will be performed in order to master your creative mind and to learn how to boost your creativity. Unlock your mind, meet other creatives, and exchange amazing ideas, all in two days!

    Tickets are 49.42-59.91€.

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    First half of December

    Comedy Café, IJdok 89

    Are you ready to laugh your lungs out? Comedy Café is launching a series of weekly stand-up comedy shows! Join with a group of friends or treat your other half. Gather some extra positive vibes for the upcoming Christmas holidays!

    Tickets vary depending on the different shows (5-17.50€).

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    Houthavenkade 43

    Cooking workshops are not the events we attend often. But if you think for a second, why not? 

    Learning to cook something new, meeting different people, and sharing a table with them afterwards sounds like a great pastime. This class will help you unlock your creativity and create unique meals that you can enjoy later while networking with your fellow classmates. 

    Price varies depending on the menu you choose (75-195€).

    Buy Tickets.pngcooking.png

    Ladies, which of these events will we meet you at?

    Enjoy this Autumn, have a lot of fun, laughter, and good food! And, let us know if you have your event suggestions.


    The Fashion Potluck Team

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