Weekly Spiritual Guidance Blog 15/11/2020 to 22/11/2020

Weekly Spiritual Guidance Blog 15/11/2020 to 22/11/2020

    Good Afternoon all 

    How this week has passed us by so quickly its that time of the week again for your weekly spiritual guidance . 

    Today my energy is feeling a bit ropey but I'm here and ready to pass on messages from the divine.

    Let me just remind you all that my spiritual guidance blogs are for entertainment purpose only.

    Take what resonates and leave the rest.

    For all signs and elements for the week commencing 15/11/2020 to 22/11/2020

    Lets see what vision message the universe wants to share with you today..

     I am seeing an image of a gentleman sitting at a table with his phone in front of him , I can feel mixed emotions bubbling up inside of him. 

    I feel the urgency of speaking the truth ,I feel this is linked to a past love interest that didn't quite go as expected.  

    He is hovering over his phone , his heart starts to beat fast , he gains the courage to message this female , the message says !!


    He hits the send button and eagerly awaits a response, I can feel the anxiety rising within. 

    Will she reply ? 

    Its taken months maybe years for this gentleman to come to a realisation of how he feels about the female but now fears it maybe to late for them !!

    He knows deep down there maybe a chance she wont reply , Either way he gets closure or the chance to speak the truth . 

    The universe want you to know that everyone makes mistakes , everyone feels fear when it comes to realisation of emotions , some people cant process emotions  like others only option is to shut it out and push it aside. 

    Until the realisation of what you truly feel hits home and the damage is already done . 

    To right a wrong you must be truthful , you must also understand that sometimes there isn't a way forward from your past mistake , there is only closure of a cycle . 

    But the universe wants you to be at peace and your past connections to be at peace , so if you cant make peace with the past at least make peace with yourself. 

    Lets Proceed With Our Weekly Tarot Card Guidance 

    Card 1 

    When the Ace of Cups is upright  it means that you are a vessel for deep love and sympathy.

     Love is the essence of this card, but it may or may not be romantic love.

     Look to connect with other people

    . This is the time to forgive or ask for forgiveness. 

    This is the time to set your anger aside and look for peace, and to drop your reserve and let your feelings come to the fore. 

    This is the time when your time is coming.

    The Ace of Cups in love is an indication that there is tremendous romantic potential at this time.

     If you are single, you may experience a very deep connection with someone new. 

    If you are in a relationship, then you and your partner will enjoy a period of deep intimacy and togetherness.

    Card 2 

    When the Magician card is upright , it symbolizes originality, creativity, skill, self-confidence, and dexterity.

     The card means you will be given an idea, a solution to a problem, an ambitious career, a love life, or a job. 

    You must trust in your big brain to help you find what you need and let the world open up to you.

    The Magician card in love is usually a sign of positive things to come. 

    If you're single, a new (and profound!) love is likely headed your way. 

    If you're in a relationship, it could mean it is time to deepen your bond with your partner. All in all, a very good thing.

    Card 3 

    When the Queen of Pentacles is upright ,it means you think as she does. You feel warm and caring toward others. 

    You are sensible in your approach. 

    You are true to your word. You're highly generous, and best of all, you can be trusted when the chips are down. 

    By drawing the Queen of Pentacles card, you can be inspired by the atmosphere of warmth, trust, security, and whatever else the Queen stands for, including her special energy.

    The Queen of Pentacles in love means you're feeling confident and secure in love. 

    If you're single, make sure to take time in picking the perfect partner.

     If you're in a relationship, it might mean it is time for you and your significant other to take a luxurious, romantic vacation together.

    Card 4 

    When the Five of Cups is upright in a Tarot reading, it is there to alert you to the possibilities of a loss. 

    You might already be aware of the loss. 

    If not, this is when you must try to reduce the importance of the loss, if not avoid it altogether.

    The Five of Cups in love means you have some sense of loss and grief when it comes to your relationships, past and present. 

    If you are single, it means you might live in worry that you let your soul mate get away. 

    If you're in a relationship, the Five of Cups might mean that a breakup is coming in your future.

     If you don't want that to happen, you need to work on resolving deep issues.

    Card 5 

    When the World card is upright it symbolizes completion, perfection, and recognition, in addition to honours, the end result, success, fulfilment, triumph, and eternal life. 

    It indicates a happy end to a project.

     It will be accompanied by well-earned praise, celebration, and success.

     Enjoy the satisfaction and fulfilment of a job well done.

    The World card in love suggests finality, soul mates, ideal partners, a permanent and successful relationship. 

    If you are single, it may mean that you are feeling ready to begin something new, with fresh new optimism.

    If you are in a relationship, maybe you are celebrating a happy anniversary or a marriage after a long engagement.

    Card 6 

    The Queen of Wands always looks at the positive in all situations.

     Her life is busy, and nothing gets her down. 

    She is healthy and fit, naturally strong, perfectly coordinated, and a good athlete.

     The Queen of Wands has faith in her own abilities but is never arrogant. 

    Her belief that she can accomplish whatever she wishes comes from her self-assurance. When the Queen of Wands is upright in a Tarot reading, you need to feel and think like she does. 

    You need to feel attractive, believe in yourself, and be full of energy. 

    Her special energy has a special meaning. You need to be inspired by the Queen of Wands in whatever form she appears to you.

     The appearance of this card may suggest that you be wholeheartedly adventurous, creative, and trusting. In fact, shake off those blues and be gung-ho about life.

     This card means you need to create an atmosphere of cheerfulness and confident enthusiasm. 

    This is the time to be inspired by everything the Queen of Wands stands for.

    The Queen of Wands in love is a lovely thing. 

    If you're single, it might mean that either you're about to meet a Queen of Wands type or you are the Queen of Wands type.

     If you're in a relationship, it means that you're taking on characteristics of the Queen of Wands or that your partner is.

    Bottom Of The Deck 

    When the Two of Pentacles is upright  it means you can take care of all the demands made of you. You'll juggle obstacles with excitement. 

    The card is a sign that you have to believe in yourself even if you aren't feeling confident.

     You can meet all challenges if you just remember to be flexible.

     Forcing your way through difficulties is not going to work.

     Sometimes the way forward is by a step to the side or backward.

    The Two of Pentacles in love is an indication that you have a decision coming up.

     If you're single, this means you must decide if you want to stay single or make room for someone new in your life.

    If you're in a relationship, you might be facing a large financial decision that will impact the future of your relationship. 

    Be honest with yourself about what you want.

    I hope you enjoyed your weekly guidance post please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or extra clarity.

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    Sending Love to you all

    Stacie xx

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