11 Best Morning Rituals For Successful People

11 Best Morning Rituals For Successful People

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    Did you ever want to create morning habits that were helpful and impactful for your life? Habits, especially good habits, can be hard to create. Especially if you’re so used to bad habits. However, if you have the right mindset and the right actions that correspond with it, you can consistently create successful habits that positively work for you and position your perspective the right way. If you’re looking for ways to create positive morning habits that will better your lifestyle, here are the best morning rituals that will lead you to success. These are the best morning rituals of successful people. 

    Let’s get started. 

    They Set Intentions For The Day

    I believe that the morning sets the rest of our day. I also believe that whatever mindset we have in the morning can affect how we feel the rest of the day. If we have a bad morning, then our day will also be bad, IF we believe it. 

    However, setting intentional goals are what you may need to help you stay in the right mindset. If you need assistance on how to set intentional goals for the morning, I wrote a post on how to set intentional goals you can stick with.   I also wrote a blog post on the components of living an intentional lifestyle. If you abide by these principles, your perspective about your morning will change. 

    Whether it is the weekend or weekday, at home, work, or on vacation, setting intentional goals will guide you to a successful morning ritual you’ll consistently stand by. Also, just make sure that your intentional goals work for you, and only you. Not every successful people, from millionaires to the girl next door will share similar routines. Not every blogger shares the same morning routine as well, but if it helps them thrive, that’s all that matters. In the end, if your day promotes positivity, empowerment, grace, mindfulness, and, of course, success, then stick to that. 

    List 5 Things You’re Grateful For

    Another ritual that successful morning people do is learning how to be grateful. Being grateful not only helps us consider our life but also how good it is, even if there are bad days or bad situations. You can even show gratitude towards your loved ones and social groups by creating a simple phone text telling them how much you appreciate them for being in your life or letting them know to have a good day. That’s creating gratitude. 

    Another way to create gratitude is by thinking about what you’re grateful for. They could be simple things that bring a smile to your face such as reading your favorite book or drinking your favorite coffee brand. It could also be about things that touch your heart deeply such as your social group or family member. Listing at least 5 things you’re grateful for will definitely help you generate a positive mindset.  

    Practicing Mindfulness

    So what is mindfulness, first and foremost? Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of ourselves and our surroundings. Mindfulness practices can occur while taking a shower, drinking our morning coffee, or even while doing breathing exercises. It’s being aware of the present moment. 

    Did you ever take a warm to almost hot shower that just felt so good on your skin that you spent a lot more time in the shower than you ought to be? That is considered a mindfulness practice. You’re feeling the warm water on your skin and allow it to rain on you because it feels awesome. I love me some warm showers, especially when it’s the winter season. 

    What about breathing? You can practice mindfulness with your breathing by being aware of how your breathing. When you’re stressed, consider your breathing and manage it. Let mindfulness become your morning routine when you take your shower, eat your favorite breakfast, or drink your favorite coffee. Mindfulness manages your wellbeing by helping you take good care of your mind, body, and soul. 

    Nurturing The Body

    As I mentioned before, morning rituals set the tone for the rest of the day. Everything you do in the morning can certainly affect how you feel. This includes what you eat and what you drink. Eating a healthy breakfast, and I don’t mean cereal or pop-tart, can be a great way to start your day. 

    Pop-tarts are too sugary and cereal, depending on the brand and its grain, may not be good for you in the long run. I stopped eating sugary foods and such because I noticed the effect it had on my body and my mind. I was more tired than before, but I also leaned on sugary foods to drown out my emotions. 

    Eating lean veggies with eggs or proteins such as yogurt and oats, are great potential ways to better your mornings and maintain your health. When I got rid of sugary breakfast and added healthy foods into my routine, I did a complete 180. I wasn’t tired, negative, and even lost a bit of weight. 

    Therefore, choosing the rights foods that go into your body is essential to living well, but especially when you begin with it in the morning. 

    Prepping The Night Before

    For your morning to start on the right note, prepping the night before can be helpful. I know for myself when I’m going to work the next day, I prep my clothes and lunch so I won’t have to hurry up or be late for work. Plus, prepping your things the night before can help you focus on the things that matter to you during your morning rituals.  

    If you love to mindfully drink your coffee or eat your breakfast, while also choosing your work clothes and deciding on what food to eat is a great morning ritual. You’ll just be on the go go go without really letting yourself enjoy the morning you’ve been blessed to see every day. So do yourself a favor and get ready for work the night before, so you can wake up and enjoy your morning. 

    Reading Influential Books

    Now, this morning ritual can be optional but it’s certainly effective, depending on what you’re reading. My morning rituals are after my exercises, I eat my breakfast while reading a book. It could be a mysterious crime book, to a self-help book. First things first, though, when I do wake up, I pray then open up my bible or devotional book to read it. 

    I like reading books to some extent, but reading my bible or devotional, or both, helps me sets my mind on the right things. You don’t have to be like me and read three books a day, but what I am suggesting is reading a book that influences, inspires, and motivation you to imagine or take action in your life. 

    Setting Time For Devotional

    If you’re a Christian, developing a quiet time with God, especially in the morning is essential. During this time, the Holy Spirit can guide you to what God may want you to do or think about. Therefore, reading your bible and/or devotional book sets your mindset to have God guide your day. The world can truly be a distracting place, also fast-paced that you do one thing and go do another thing, without a thought. That is why I press this to you, even myself because I do this often than I hate to admit, to have the time and place in the morning, before you do anything, to spend time with Him. 

    They Create Mindful & Purposeful Exercise Routines

    Everyone has a different concept of exercise, but you choose whatever works for you. If it keeps your heart pumping and makes you happy, that’s enough. You don’t have to lift weights or do a high-intensity cardio exercise. Walking or mild jogging outside is good too. Stretching or pilates, those are good too. Neither do you have to do it every day, but doing it a couple of days a week improves and maintains good health. 

    I don’t know about you but I like exercising, to an extent. Morning exercises, in my opinion, or better than working out in the evening since it sets my mind and body ready for the day. Plus, I feel more energized and happy, to be honest. I’m more of a person that likes moving and dancing around, which is why I use this Zumba DVD most of the time. I love their songs and their moves, which keeps me going to the point I forget that 60 minutes has passed. 

    If you’re interested in Zumba, I definitely recommend checking it out. They keep your heart pumping and you enjoy it more than wishing it would end. Another exercise routine I use is from NowLoss.com. Here’s a  favorite youtube video exercise I do from time to time if you want to check it out. 


    Have you ever had those leg cramps when you woke up in the morning? You’re awake and attempt to stretch, then all of a sudden you get leg cramps? Oh, I so hate those. That’s when I had to start drinking 5-6 bottles of water each day. Then I felt better after some days. 

    If you’re not a fan of water, I urge you to be one right not now. Our bodies are made of more than 70% of water, therefore, we need to nurture our bodies the right way. Drinking the right liquid helps our digestive system and maintains our health. Most of these rituals are to help you improve and maintain your health. If you don’t like that taste of water, then using a water enhancer may be the solution. You may need to do thorough research on this since there are bad water enhancers out there. 

    They Think Before They Act

    Some things are automatic that we don’t take notice of it. However, choices are something to take notice of. Morning rituals, I believe are about choices. Sometimes we don’t choose to wake up grouchy, but we do have the choice to keep being grouchy or turn it around into something good. 

    Sometimes we wake up, we’re late to work (sometimes due to the choice of sleeping later than before) and end up stuck in traffic. That, somewhat, wasn’t our choice. Things happen ALL the time. They’re inevitable. But how we address or face these situations is another thing. Nurture your morning even if you’re late to work by listening to music, or taking breathing exercises. Calm your mind and body and think about how you would like the rest of your day be, amid the “chaos”. Perspective is key here. 

    Nurturing Their Mindset

    Last but not least, the best ritual for successful people is by nurturing your mindset. This basically summarizes everything I wrote about in this post. From reading a book, setting time to for devotional to listing 5 things to be grateful for, these are ways great ways to nurture your mindset. Your mindset is a precious thing. Whatever you let your mind thinks, your actions will follow. Make sure that your morning is filled with good, empowering, peaceful, mindful, calming thoughts to help you be successful throughout the day. 

    There you go!

    What is your morning routine? And how does it influence your day? Leave your answer at the comments below! 

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