20’S VS 30’S

    Just a couple of days ago, I turned 33. As people grow older, the “opinion” think differently. Do you agree? Unconsciously, it was 33. Although there was no change in the appearance, but the psychological experience was completely different.

    20s is mostly a life that pursues romance and freedom, and 30s is a life that loves home but still likes freedom but trust me 30s everything will better.

    Shop and Saving more
    Being young and wild generation we love to buying things all the time, especially in 20s we shop for fashion, beauty, tech and more. To be honest, no matter what age we are, buying things seems to be one of the things we are used to. It just depends on what they buy (because everyone have their own necessities) from time to time when we are in 30s we buying things that is necessities and we also learn to compare which products are cheaper and can be used longer and more durable.

    We study hard and we seek for the best job in the worlds but mostly we feel about impatient, mindless competition, and endless self-doubt… in the end we resign and seek for another new job and agains Just like a circle, we keep repeating it and again.)
    in our 30s, we finally pause and think. We stop aimlessly following the herd. We get more courageous to shatter our sense of self and eventually re-build our identity beyond simply money, a job title, or our place of work.

    Dream House
    20s We spend a lot of time to travel and we still don’t want to have apartment or houses for increase our burden but when we are 30s We started looking for stability, and wanted a place where we could feel comfortable, and this place is our home. I have been to many places but I believe that no place can feel like at home, comfortable at home.

    this is quite important part for me, When we were young, we always felt that there was a lot of time, but it was only after 30 that we realized that time was passing faster, and our parents were getting older day by day, so we wanted to cherish time even more, especially because of the epidemic and life could be so hard. that why we need to spend more time with our family.

    20s we care about love care about freedom even a lot of arguing we still want to stay together, we think everything could be possible and no matter how hard just want stay but people don’t know the problem is always there unless you try to fix it. when you turn to 30s you will find out even you stay single you will be so much happy because you feel more freedom and you not going to rushing anything also you know what you need in your life.

    The above are the thoughts of some small experiences ranging from my 20s to 30s. I don’t feel that I am getting old, and think that 30s is the beginning of life. What about you?

    Thank You For Reading
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    Love, Jess

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