5 questions with Empire Warning

    A fresh New Interview on the blog, featuring Empire Warning!


    I have been following Empire Warning for years, in fact the Chelfdom was a still tumblr blog,I was travelling to the UK a lot so I was looking for UK based bands to listen to (no particular reason there, just because) and I stumbled upon their tumblr. They were doing a give-away and I won a copy of Heil to the Rat King. I got hooked on their music ever since. Back then I was just a fan girl, stalking them on all their social media. Now I’m a fan girl who got to interview them (still stalking them on SM but now we’re mates so they can’t sue me.) They mix and match different elements, eras and metal sounds, they play with intensity, they growl, they scream and they push the heaviness of thrash metal with crushing riffs to create a groove-metalcore sound, uniquely their own that will have you headbanging before you know it...

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