5 Steps To Glowing Skin This Summer!

    Bring on the summer, the sun-tans and all the SPF! By request, I am just going to dive right in and let you know everything you need to totally transform your summer skincare routine!

    First things first... 

    Why is it that every time I type that sentence I get that ridiculous song stuck in my head - "first things first I'm the realest". Yeah, sorry. It's going to be stuck in your head now too... Lol. But back to why you're really here, SKINCARE! 


    If you aren't already head over heels in LOVE with your cleanser, then now is as good as time as any to find a new one! I will always recommend going with a sulfate free cleanser to help gently cleanse and remove impurities, dirt and other bacteria. I have some of my go-to's over on my skincare page, you should check them out!

    Typically in between my cleanser and my toner I would exfoliate. However, seeing as exfoliation actually INCREASES photosensitivity of the skin, I try to cut down on exfoliating during the summer months... If you MUST exfoliate or feel the need to use any kind of scrub I would recommend going with a more gentle one or even a salicylic acid! Try to keep it to a minimum though, maybe only a couple times a week! 

    STEP 2: TONER 

    I have seen a HUGE difference in my skin since I started incorporating a toner into my skincare routine. Toners help to remove any remaining oil, makeup or dirt and grime left behind after cleansing! Furthermore toners help to restore skins pH balance and can actually help to visible reduce pores! Bet you're already googling the best toners for your skin type, am I right? Lol.


    When it comes to serums, can you really have too many? Lol. Especially in summer a good serum is a must have! Serums help deliver higher concentrations of active ingredients. I don't know about you but being in the sun and the heat during the summer months leaves my skin feeling dry and dehydrated which is why I typically reach for serums containing hyaluronic acid, like this one from The Ordinary which I have been loving as of lately! And it's only $8, SCORE! 

    * VITAMIN C *

    This is something new that I added to my summer skincare routine this year! I apply my Vitamin C product in the AM because Vitamin C actually fights against environmental damage and UV rays! On that note it CAN however make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so you should always wear an SPF when using Vitamin C products! But really, you should already be using an SPF anyways... 


    I will be the first to admit I go through moisturizers like I go through shoes. I have spent WAY more money than I care to admit trying to find a moisturizer that actually gives my skin the hydration that it so badly craves! I'm sure by now you have heard at least one influencer or content creator RAVE about Tula... Well I am here to say, WORTH THE HYPE! I have been using both the 24/7 moisture cream and the beauty sleep overnight repair treatment and my skin is thanking me for it!

    STEP 5: SPF 

    Unless you live under an actual rock, you NEED to have an SPF in your summer skincare routine! Really, you should be using an SPF all year long! Dermatologists recommend using a skincare product or a sunscreen an SPF of at least 30! Personally, I have been loving my Drunk Elephant SPF! I use it everyday, and its so lightweight that I don't even feel like I have anything on my face! They make an AMAZING tinted SPF as well that I also have personally tried and love! Both are under $40!


    I'd love to hear your thoughts, or hear more about what YOU incorporate into your summer skincare routine! Leave me a comment down below or shoot me a DM over on INSTAGRAM.

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      Yayyy! Thanks for sharing, all these are super useful   When I go to the beach, I always mix olive oil with a bit of lemon and apply it on my skin! Makes miracles! Just a little Mediterranean-girl insider tip :) 

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