5 Time Management Tips for Perfectionists

5 Time Management Tips for Perfectionists

    Are you a perfectionist?

    Do you set your standards high and strive towards impossibly high goals?

    Do you spend tremendous efforts on tiny details at the expense of other tasks? 

    Do you avoid participating in something you don't excel at?

    You can't help noticing the small imperfections in anything, don't you?

    If yes, you are definitely struggling with your time management too.

    Do you want me to confess how long it takes me to write a blog post? 

    Better not...

    Time Management is my biggest blogging, personal and writing challenge ever. 
    Perfectionism and my poor time management have made me start seriously thinking of finding a balance between my work time and family time. So 
    I went off looking for tips on how to manage my time and energy smartly.

    Here are 5 ways I found useful that helped me improve my Time Management Skills. I hope these tips can be useful for you too.

    5 Time Management  Tips for Perfectionists

    1- Get Started

    A close cousin of perfectionism is procrastination. Start Now. Instead of putting off my tasks thinking that I will do them tomorrow with twice more effort just get going even with baby steps. 

    When you see that you are productive, you will feel better and more satisfied. It's easier to complete the task and then improve it than spend endless amounts of time on low-priority details at the beginning.

    2- Disconnect

    Remove any distractions, turn off mobile notifications, and set firm uninterrupted time to complete your tasks. It's not how long or hard you work, it's how smart you work.

    3- Focus on Single Tasks

    For some people like me, multi-tasking just doesn't work. Try single-tasking, set one or a couple of goals per day and try to accomplish them one by one.

    4 - Ask for Help

    Whenever possible, reach someone for a helping hand.

    Never underestimate the impact of the assistance you can get (no matter how small) and how much time it can save you. Have someone do the rough work and you will execute your final "perfect" touches.

    And finally

    5 - Set S.M.A.R.T Goals 

    SMART stands for S-pecific, M-easurable, A-ttainable, R-ealistic and T-ime Bound. Don't make abstract and big goals but instead break them into smaller tasks and set a deadline to accomplish them. 

    Read more about S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting strategy here.

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