6 Ways To Love Yourself

    Hey welcome back! Today wanted to sharing some new thoughts and the positive vibes. Recently thoughts a lot and never changed and this year feel like many things happened in the same time and most of them is not the good. But however we cannot change what is already happening but we can always stay positive and take a break from our life.

    The 6 ways you can always have a better day πŸ™‚

    If it feels wrong, don’t do it
    If you feeling better you can always do everything that make you happy but sometimes If it feels wrong, don’t do it and don’t think about it releases your mind and put down away once you feeling better then continue again.

    Don’t be a people pleaser
    I used to be this part so much as long as people are happy but soon I found out I never be happy and always make myself being down mood or negative. So please remember you deserve be so much happy!

    Trust your instincts
    sometimes instinct is really good to be real, once everything happens, your heart already gave you the answer (maybe not good enough but is always real) so trust your instincts just like trust yourself.

    Never speak bad about yourself
    I think this is the important part because everyone has the bad side and the good side, but sometime when we doing wrong and that is okay, don’t keep reminding to yourself and say how bad you are, you must to try and think about the good side for you that is the only way you can be more happy.

    Never give up on your dreams
    no matter how hard or how do you feel about your dream, just don’t give up on them because you don’t know how beautiful or amazing work once you already make them become true. sometime feeling tired just take time and rest we all do the same but we don’t easy gave up.

    Let go of what you can’t control
    life is full of magical and miracle. we easily to get attractive on something that you really wanted but somehow when we try really hard we might not able to get or control that and then we lost, feeling tired and maybe so scared to deal with any of them, sometime I thought a lot about that “I believe we cannot control everything in our life right”? if you feel so just try to let go them, and focus to the good things is that sound way better for you?

    anyways I really hope this blog post can be helpful for you and if you need someone to talk I’m always here.

    Thank You For Reading
    Until Next Time

    Good Day
    Love, Jess

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