A different point of view

    Evening all

    It's been a minute since I've connected with you all.

    It's really difficult at the moment to get into the Christmas spirit, I think we can all agree that Christmas will be a very different one this year.

    But we are all in the same situation!!!

    I wanted to blog tonight because I recently received a message regarding a subject that really gets my back up.

    I literally hate it when people make a comment that's so unacceptable that they honestly need to check themselves before making such stupid comments to others. 

    Words hurt but people don't seem to understand that. 

    So I had a message from a female on my instagram this lovely lady had recently received a very silly message on her own Instagram. 

    So the message said ooh girl if you lost a bit of weight and had a bit of work done to your face you would be amazing I'd definitely date you then. 

    Let me just clarify something for your someone else's weight isn't anyones concern neither is their appearance. 

    If you dont like what you see simply scroll on and leave people be.

    I've dealt with messages like this before so the lovely lady had messaged me asking for my advice on how I personally dealt with this situation. 

    I told her... 

    If I wasn't such a strong person people's opinions would really run deep. 

    But listen I've dealt with rejection, I've dealt with insults. 

    If I want to eat a family size pack of biscuits with an afternoon brew I will do ..

    Thats my choice!!

    My weight doesn't define me or my personality. 

    If my face offends anyone tough. 

    People can I just say this to you all  never ever let someones comments bring you down.

    Weight doesn't define a person. 

    I know slimmer people who struggle with confidence, the outside doesn't define who the person is on the inside. 

    Always remember that. 

    If you feel like you need to loose weight then do it for all the right reasons not because someone told you too. 

    But again size doesn't define someone's personality. 

    The face comment I told her I felt was dam right cheeky, some people have no shame, it's OK to have an opinion but keep them to yourselves. 

    Not everyone likes everyone. 

    But there is always someone for everyone. 

    But I could tell this comment had really knocked this lovely ladies confidence. 

    Sometimes rejection teaches you very valuable life lessons it also teaches you self worth. 

    If any one is telling you anything like this lovely lady has had to deal with thrown them a wide curve ball and hope it hits their ego pretty dam hard.

    Maybe suggest that they might want to watch shallow hal in the future and learn  how to complement someone appropriately without judgment. 

    So chin up lovely your beautiful always remember that.... 

    and keep being yourself. 

    Love Stacie xx

    • Epsita M Epsita M :

      Love this post, Stacie <3 It is so very important to feel good and confident about yourself- just the way you are! Do not change, reduce your weight,  or look slim, pretty, wear make-up  etc., because someone will like you and will include you in their life! Such people never change! They will have some new demands tomorrow. So listen to your heart and do what makes you feel confident abd comfortable. Thank you for this post <3

      3 years ago 
    • Caroline B Caroline B :

      Thanks for sharing, Stacie. It's so frustrating to see beautiful, confident women receive comments like this online but I appreciate your mindset when facing them. As Epsita said, you should never change for anyone! Most of these come from places of insecurity within men anyways. Women are all beautiful and don't deserve to hear things like that.  

      3 years ago 
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